Let’s not forget, we’ve overcome much worse than Ferguson

I haven’t kicked any trashcans, but I feel the same frustration. I’ve sewn a few strings of four letter words that would make a seamstress stare in awe at my stitch work.

I don’t condone the burning and looting that’s taking place, but I understand the anger behind it.

Like you, I struggled to think of something to say last night, but the words were just not there. I knew the outcome as soon as the grand jury was announced, but that still didn’t make the announcement any easier to listen to.

I grieve for the parents of Michael Brown as they won’t be able to hug their son on Christmas morning as I’ll be able to do mine. I grieve for those who saw their businesses get trashed as they had nothing to do with the circumstances of the justice system in Ferguson or St. Louis County. I also pray for the soul of Darren Wilson. Even though man has let him off the hook, he still has to answer for the blood on his hands before God.


5 thoughts on “Let’s not forget, we’ve overcome much worse than Ferguson

  1. I have several thoughts on this, all of them bad.

    About the COMPLETE lack of accountability in this country for any damage caused by police. Causes like this are partly about black and white, but they are even more about blue and not blue.

    About how “I feared for my life” has become the same get-out-of-jail free card for white men who shoot people that “I was drunk” once was for white men who committed any kind of misbehavior.

    And mostly about the white power structure, from the governor down, who apparently lack all common sense and common decency. They made every, every, EVERY part of this worse by the way they handled it.

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    • I can’t say the same. I’ve figured from the time the DA called the grand jury that he wouldn’t be indicted. The things necessary for an indictment are not there in place, and even if that was the case, police officers are rarely indicted in use of force cases.

      Before Wilson could be indicted, it has to be determined whether his use of force was reasonable and justified or excessive. I don’t know whether a use of force review has taken place or if they would make the results known. Most departments conduct a use of force review immediately after the incident, but I don’t know the policies of the Ferguson PD.

      If his use of force is found to be justified, then there’s no grand jury anywhere that will indict him as there’s nothing to indict him over. His use of force would have to be ruled excessive for him to have the possibility of facing any charges in the death of Michael Brown.

      The underlying current is the mistrust of the justice system from within many in the Black community. Sometimes, that mistrust is justified, and other times it’s way overblown. It all depends on the perspective of the person making the judgment call.


  2. Just saw a good comment on Facebook:

    The people currently on TV telling Black America to shut up and just accept the Ferguson decision are the same ones almost face for face demanding that Congress begin its 9th Benghazi investigation.


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