Video of Darren Wilson surfaces

All the boarding up isn’t going to stop what I think is about to happen.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has released videos showing Officer Darren Wilson leaving the police station to go to the hospital and returning after being checked out.  By their report, he left for the hospital two hours after the shooting and returned back to the police station about two and a half hours later.

I’m posting the videos so you can see for yourself, but I don’t see anything that appears to show that Wilson was badly injured as some have claimed.  The video is not the best quality, but there are no indications to show that he’s seriously hurt.  There’s no look of being in pain in his facial expressions.  I don’t see any visible bandages that would be used to treat cuts.  There’s no ice pack being used to control bruising or swelling either.

With the impending release of the grand jury decision, I think the die has already been cast, and the immediate outlook for Ferguson is not good at all.  I’m hoping that people don’t allow their emotions to get the best of them and resort to violence, but I will not be surprised if Ferguson doesn’t look like Atlanta after Sherman and his guys marched through.

We’re taught that the justice system is blind and we should trust the authorities to be honest and fair.  The longer this drags on, the more that the opposite appears to be going on here.  There has been a concerted effort to portray Wilson as the hero cop who was confronted by the criminal thug.  The only “reliable” eyewitness testimony that we have is Wilson’s himself.  Brown can’t testify on his behalf.

There have been videos that show Brown to be a thug, and they’ve been explained that way.  Talking with someone from the area, I found that a different story is being told by those in the community.  I was told that Brown paid for cigars in that store on that fateful day.  When he reached behind the counter, he put back some cigars and and got some different ones..  It sounds like a stretch, but without audio to hear exactly what was said, we don’t know.  If you look, the entire unedited video of the store confrontation has never been shown.

The reason I say this is because I was sharing what I thought could have been an alternative scenario that took place in that store.  There were no charges pressed in any shoplifting or strongarm robbery incident.  I haven’t seen any report for a shoplifting or robbery either.  The only mention of that is in the report involving the shooting.  If there was really a crime committed, there should be a separate report for that incident whether the store owner pressed charges or not.  If that report existed, I’m sure that it would have been released with the video to show proof of a crime.

In my view, there’s just too many “what if’s” and unanswered questions to think that everything has been done fairly and above board.  In an instance like this, the officer is always going to get the benefit of the doubt.  When the trust of the authorities isn’t there, that benefit looks shady.  As a result of the appearance of a cover-up being done here, the lack of trust is going to end in a fit of violence.  I honestly hope that I am wrong about this though.


15 thoughts on “Video of Darren Wilson surfaces

  1. Yes, Brosephus, I too hope you are wrong. I lived in California & am old enough to remember the Watts riots. Sad & wasteful, and nobody wins.


    • I’ve been praying on this for a while, and my gut instinct has not changed one bit. From what I’ve learned about that area, the people there are like a cornered animal. The only way they’re going to get anyone to pay attention to what’s happening to them is to act out in a manner that will guarantee attention.

      The police and government officials are playing right into it by the way they’re handling things. The leaks and stuff don’t give any of the concerned people any confidence that things are being done fair and honestly. There’s already a lot of mistrust because of the way people are treated there, and this isn’t going to help that out.

      I have relatives and friends in that area, and I’m praying hard for their safety as well as all those in the area.


      • After posting the above reply, I googled Watts, and am truly amazed that conditions have not changed much since 1965! Though why that should surprise me I don’t know. For many years I was involved in the Women’s Movement & things haven’t changed much there either!


        • For many of these places, it’s “out of sight out of mind”. It’s hard to escape generational poverty when you live in situations like that. It’s not completely impossible, but the odds are not usually in your favor.

          That’s why I laugh sometimes when people give that whole “bootstrap” sermon. You have to have boots that have straps in order to pull yourself up by them. If you’re barefooted, there’s nothing to pull.

          Nobody talks about the parallels between generational wealth and generational poverty, but I think the two are just alike. If you’re a Carnegie or Kennedy, it’s easy to pass money down when you have more than you could ever spend. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you’ve never had anything to pass down, what do you give to the next generation?


  2. Now that the governor has gone all Rambo, there’s certain to be violence.

    I can’t figure out what TPTB in the area are thinking.

    In other news, sorry I’ve been away for a while. Family has taken most of my attention lately, as sometimes happens for everyone.


    • The government response to this whole fiasco has been abysmal, to put it mildly. I think the actions taken have made things worse than what they would have been otherwise. I don’t see any easy way out for the people there.


    • The last of my aunts died, aged 97, and I had to go out of town to her funeral, which was a lovely family reunion. So the little bit of bad in that is that we lost a nice lady, but she had lived a long good life and it was her time, she was ready. The reunion was great, as were the several smaller things here in town that have kept me busy. Thanks for asking.


      • Glad to know that you’re okay. I have a younger cousin who will be memorialized tomorrow. That’s why I didn’t post anything or respond yesterday. I needed some time to myself. I’m not going to drive home though. I also had a good friend who lost her sister last week.

        I did get a text that another younger cousin gave birth to twins today, so I do have something to cheer me up today.


        • I’m sorry to hear about your cousin, Brosephus. It’s tough when the younger ones die. I’ve lost my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, friends and even a former lover and been able to deal with the grief. It was losing my baby sister that knocked me right off my feet. I hope peace comes to you.


  3. You know, when the whole thing about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps started, it was meant as a joke. Think about it: How can you pull yourself up by pulling on boots you’re standing in?


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