Thanks Nathan Deal…

From WSB-TV2 Atlanta:


A gun rights group is suing the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. According to, one of its members was asked to leave the gardens because he was wearing a licensed handgun.

The guns rights group and Phillip Evans of  Gwinnett County filed the lawsuit.

Evans would not speak about the suit, but Georgia Carry spokesperson Jerry Henry said Evans was told to leave the gardens for wearing a handgun.

“It’s an infringement of the Second Amendment for them not to allow us to protect ourselves on that property,” said Georgia Carry spokesperson Jerry Henry.

Since July 1, Georgia law allows residents with permits to carry guns into some public places. Georgia Carry said that includes the Botanical Gardens.

“The fact that some criminal may come in here and want to shoot up the place is a danger to everybody and I don’t want to be disarmed if that happens,” said Henry.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before these lawsuits would begin.  It’s likely going to be the same scenario each time.  Some guy walks into some kind of establishment with a gun on his hip, he gets asked to leave because of the gun on his hip, and then he gets offended that his “2nd Amendment Rights” are being infringed upon.

Nobody’s infringing on your rights.  Nobody’s telling you that you can’t carry a gun.  Go carry the gun somewhere else if people don’t want you around, or better yet, carry concealed and nobody knows anything unless you tell them.  Not everyone is afraid of that “some criminal” that always seem to be lurking in these scenarios.

If you’re so skiddish that you have to carry a gun to look at flowers and model trains, then you have a much bigger issue than having your 2nd Amendment Rights infringed.

I know I’ll likely see a few people from Georgia Carry read this, and I don’t really care.  I’m a gun owner, and I am legally authorized to carry as well.  I’m simply not scared of every single shadow that crosses my path.

I don’t feel the need to have a gun on me 24/7.  I also respect those around me enough that I carry concealed to avoid any issues or controversy.  I can also guarantee that my concealed weapon is just as easily accessible for that “some criminal” as someone carrying on their hip.  I’d also wager that the open carry person would likely be the first one shot in a violent confrontation because of the fact that everyone would know that he has a gun.

I don’t understand the whole need for open carry anyway.  All that does is mark you as the first victim when the sh*t hits the fan.  I’ve always been a fan of concealed carry because the unknown is so much more unpredictable.  I have an assortment of holsters and gear, so I can carry in almost any situation with any outfit of my choosing.  If I don’t want you to know that I have a gun on me, you’ll never know without physically patting me down.

Based on how the law is written, they’re likely going to win that lawsuit.  It’s just another reminder to me of how some people have to make themselves become the center of attention.  Seeing a guy grocery shopping in Kroger with a gun on his hip is like looking at Kim Kardashian (damn, there’s that name again…) showing her ass on a magazine cover.  Some people look and say Yesssss!!!!  Others say cover that damn thing up.  What is there to define which group is right?


7 thoughts on “Thanks Nathan Deal…

    • I’ve been in places where I’ve been carrying and nobody else should be. Even then, no one without a need to know ever had a clue. I don’t think many people would look at me and expect me to be armed from the way I dress.


      • Just to be clear, if I don’t see the gun, I won’t be scared. Many years ago, the small company I worked for shared an office with a guy who proudly showed off his gun. I don’t remember being afraid, but just thought it was dumb. Of course this was a very long time ago, before I knew enough to be scared. I’m not thrilled with guns, but understand why some people need then – law enforcement for example. What I do not understand is the need some folks have to show ’em off.


  1. That law was stupid and poorly thought out. I have several guns. One for the house and one I keep in my truck. I never carry in public because if the ish hits the fan, I don’t want to end up shot because some idiot mistakes me for a “criminal”. You know, being all Black and all.


    • That’s my fear as well. It doesn’t matter whether it’s somebody trying to play hero or if it’s the responding police. Assumptions and prejudices will likely cause me to be the initial “suspect” until things get sorted out. If the first people responding are of the “shoot first ask questions later” variety, that might end up being the worst day of my life.


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