Salute to Veteran’s Day

It seems awkward saying Happy Veteran’s Day as many vets served time during combat.  Instead, I’ll offer a salute to everyone who has served in the armed forces, whether during peace time or war.  Your service is greatly appreciated and respected here.  Thanks also to the family of those who serve.  As a member of a family with countless people serving in the military, I understand the sacrifices that are made and the worry that comes with the job of being the support unit for military personnel.

For those military personnel who are currently deployed, stay safe.  You are in my prayers.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re deployed in Afghanistan or West Africa, what you do is worthy of respect and acknowledgment.  I may have posted this last year, but it still remains relevant today.


12 thoughts on “Salute to Veteran’s Day

  1. NICE, Brosephus. Thanks for sharing. My connection to the military is a bit remote: my dad was drafted in 1944. He didn’t serve long & or see combat, but the disruption to his young family was profound. My mom, with 3 of us & pregnant with #4, had to move back with her parents, who still had teenagers at home. I only remember the loving grands & doting aunties. Oh, also remember that I was told that my young uncle was serving on a minesweeper. My 4-yr-old self pictured him riding thru tunnels on a Hoover. Ah the things one remembers almost 70 years later…. 🙂


    • No problem. One of my uncles served on Iwo Jima during WWII. I had another uncle that was a Vietnam Vet. I’ve even had two nephews who have been on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. My mom threatened me about going in the military as my two older brothers did, and she knew that I tended to follow their lead as I looked up to them in everything.

      I wanted to go into the Air Force to fly cargo planes, but it was not in the mix for me. My family has been lucky enough that everybody that went off to war physically returned home intact. The mental aspect has been something else though in a few cases. That said, God never gives us more than we can handle


      • You know, I have thought often over the years about god not giving us more than we can handle, but, but, but…. But that is a discussion for another time.


          • I’ve heard my Grandma say that many times, “God will never put more on you than you can take”. She lived about as hard a life as anybody I’ve known but I never did hear her complain or say “Why me” or anything like that. She kept the faith all her 92 years.

            To the veterans, some were probably liberal, some probably conservative, a lot of them moderate and probably a sizable number that were apolitical. Doesn’t matter where they fit, they all did their job.


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