THIS is why I loathe the current GOP

What’s that term that conservatives use to accuse liberals of stoking racial animus to gain the Black vote?  Playing the Race Card!!  What did this video show within the first 10 seconds using terms “herded to the polls” and “overseers”?  Play the Race Card!!

I watched this video a few times to see what message I was supposed to get.  He says that nearly 30% of Black people in Georgia live below the poverty line.  Does that not also suggest that more than 70% live above the poverty line?  So, am I supposed to be angry or cheerful?  Should I celebrate or frown upon Atlanta boasting a much higher average of Black owned business when compared to the national average?

What this video does remind me is that charlatans come in all shapes, sizes, and races.  I don’t need any Democrat OR Republican pandering to my race to get my vote.  If you want my vote, then tell me why it’s important that I vote for you.  Scare tactics don’t work with me.  I know American history and how Black Americans fit into the narrative.  I know who has looked out for my community, and I know who pissed on my community.

I had to go and search who Elbert Guillory was, and I was not impressed at all with what I found.  He is a Republican-Democrat-Republican politician, meaning he was a Republican who turned Democrat to get elected, and then he turned back Republican once he got into office.  I guess he’s a darling of the Right since he obviously plays the role of attack dog to try to avoid Republicans being referred to as racist.  If that was a White man saying those things, most people would say it is indeed racist.  Having a Black man say it does not change the meaning behind the words.  It’s still racist even though the person uttering that crap is Black.

As for the Free At Last PAC, I found this information when using the good Google to see where it came from.

Only two months after he switched back to the Republican Party, Elbert Guillory has become a spokesman (an “honorary chair”) of a political action committee called Free At Last PAC. And if you visit their website or watch their two online commercials, you’ll likely be under the impression (among other things) that Guillory himself launched this PAC in order to encourage African-Americans to run for office as Republicans. (I have some serious problems with what Guillory says in these online commercials, but I’ll get to that in a second). FoxNews, the Weekly Standard, the Christian Post, and others erroneously reported that Elbert Guillory was the principal of Free at Last PAC.

The truth is, Free At Last PAC (which was obviously named after a famous Negro spiritual) appears to have been created and is now managed by a white conservative political activist and Louisiana Family Forum Vice Chairman, a guy named Derek Babcock. If you closely follow Louisiana politics, you may remember Mr. Babcock. He ran a stupidly mean-spirited (and losing) campaign for State Senate a couple of years ago, and fortunately, his website is still online:


I’m at the point where I don’t think I’d flinch if Black people decided to boycott the national parties altogether.  Elbert Guillory is an idiot along with anyone who thinks that video above is the way to reach Black Americans.  Not only did this PAC run an ad in Georgia, they also ran ads in Arkansas, Alaska, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

When you go to the Free At Last PAC website, there’s less information there than what we know about CIA operations.  The website reeks of a sham or front to peddle money.  There is no about page where you can read what the PAC is about.  There is no statement of a mission or goals.  There’s no list of issues.  All we have is a place to donate money or sign up as followers.  The photo of Dr. King doesn’t help either.   Simply posting a photo of Dr. King doesn’t automatically make Black people follow you.  We’re not ignorant or children, jackasses.


5 thoughts on “THIS is why I loathe the current GOP

  1. Some time ago I came across a saying I like and occasionally use:

    I’m not arguing. I’m explaining why I’m correct.

    It tickles my funny bone because I have to admit I’m sometimes guilty. But it’s a terrible tactic to use to try and win someone over. It insults their intelligence, ignores their concerns, and denigrates their own experience and knowledge. Both parties do it, but it seems to me the GOP does it more. Then never stop talking down to those who disagree with them.

    If they want to convince me they’re the better party for women, they need to tell me what policies they espouse would make my life SO much better that I ought to ignore the policies that would likely make it worse.

    If they want to reach anyone with the statistic that 30% of blacks still live below the poverty level, they need to make the case that voting Republican would somehow make that number go down. Left to my own devices, I’m inclined to think voting Republican would make the number go up. I bet a lot of the people this ad is aimed at can figure that out, too.


    • I’m gonna steal that saying!!! I love it!!!

      To your point, I’m with you 100% in that if you’re the better party for me, then show me the why. When you give me the why, I’ll consider the how and when.

      I didn’t post it because I thought it was tacky, but the Don’t Shoot mailer from the Georgia Dems gave me the same reaction. Don’t pander to me like I’m a 5-year-old. Give me your policy statement. Show me your legislative actions that will aid me or my community. When you convince me of the why, I’ll work on the how and when.

      I don’t think they’re going to get their return on this ad, other than convincing those who are already going to vote for them. I don’t see many Black people looking at this and suddenly voting for a conservative over a less conservative Democrat.


    • I would love for political parties not to pander thus. But money is limited and a registered voter might have but five seconds to spend with your direct mailer or TV ad, and political strategists are paid to deliver results.

      That said, you oughta vote. Everyone who is registered should vote, no matter how unpleasant it might be–and I know it’s very, very unpleasant for many.


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