Don’t dress up for Halloween like this

With Halloween just a day away, most people who are going to dress up have already decided on their costumes.  I saw an interesting story at Viral Nova, Please Don’t Use Any Of These Halloween Costumes This Year, They’re the Worst.  At first, I thought the headline was probably going to be a bit of an exaggeration, but I was sadly mistaken.  Just take a look at #11 on their list for starters.

11.) The Twin Towers. How could anyone think this is a good idea for a costume?!

Click the photo for the entire article.

One last thing, no matter how funny you think it will be, leave the blackface at home.  DON’T walk out the house like this…

Source: Vox Media

It IS offensive, very offensive.  If that’s your idea of a good costume, then consider sleeping in on the 31st.  It may well be the safest thing you could do.  Domestic abuse is not funny.  Blackface is not funny.  Domestic abuse + blackface is the ultimate in facepalm material.

Otherwise, enjoy your Halloween.


8 thoughts on “Don’t dress up for Halloween like this

  1. Yuck. No, none of these costumes should ever see the light of day. I was probably most bothered by the child suicide bomber. I mean, really.

    However, I saw a photo of a big bowl of Halloween candy labelled “Abowla Candy” and I hafta say I laughed.


  2. In other news, my Facebook feed today included an article on Kaci Hickox, and I agree with Paul. The comments make an excellent case for the idea that humanity hasn’t evolved very far. Literally thousands of comments, almost all of them ignorant and awful. The mildest advocated for taking away her medical license, many wanted her sent to prison, and more than a few suggested killing her. Most people seemed to think this 21-day quarantine was suggested by medical authorities rather than grandstanding politicians. They felt she knew when she left for Africa that this would be required; hardly anyone seemed to understand she was the very first person to be treated like this. Many either thought she was already ill or cited the case of the NY doctor who went bowling before he came down sick, although not one that I saw drew any lesson from the fact he infected no one, not even his fiancée.

    I admire her. She knows she can’t infect anyone until or unless she becomes ill, and she’s had the spunk to stand up for her rights against ignorant bullies.


    • I’m liking her too. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

      I don’t blame her one bit for fighting as she’s doing. If she poses a threat to us, then why wasn’t the entire plane quarantined? They’ve all been in close contact with her. I’ve been in close contact with numerous people who have traveled there. I seriously doubt that I’ll be quarantined. Unless someone appears sick, I don’t worry about it.


  3. If you gotta be offensive on Halloween, do it with your pumpkin. May I suggest:


    Some are incredibly creative, some are gross and some are just plain funny. My favorites are:

    But even if you don’t like those, there are 10 years’ worth of great ideas on his site. Check ’em out.


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