Grand Scam

I’ve followed the Mike Brown shooting closely since it happened for numerous reasons.  From the outset, I didn’t think the community of Ferguson, and the Black community as a whole, were going to be pleased with the eventual outcome.  Without the presence of actual audio and video to show the entire event, the whole incident becomes a matter of he said, he said when one of the he is dead and unable to say anything.

For me, it’s personal why I’m so interested in the outcome of this case.  He was killed on my oldest child’s 6th birthday for starters.  At the time, my wife was carrying our third child, and I was wondering how I would have reacted had that been my son.  I also wondered whether or not I really wanted to raise a son in a country where he’s going to be guilty over and over until he proves his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Now, I have a son to raise, and I want to know that he will be treated like an American first before anything else.

Also, professional interests want me to see a clean and thorough investigation done without the appearance of trying to sweep things under the rug.  Based on the no-longer secret Grand Jury proceedings, I feel that the investigation will be viewed as a Grand Sham.

Whether the investigation is completed without bias now, the media and all the leaks have tainted the investigation beyond repair.  From the time of the shooting, media leaks have done nothing but try to paint Brown in a negative light while making Officer Wilson appear to be the White Knight in shining armor.  When the Grand Jury returns it’s no bill, the reaction is going to be swift, and it’s going to be violent.  Make no mistake about it.

The most recent “leaks” have the appearance of trying to get everyone ready for a non-indictment of Officer Wilson, and I think these leaks will have the opposite effect.  Grand Jury proceedings are supposed to be done in secret.  When we know of testimony given and evidence presented, there is nothing secret at all about it.  For all intents and purposes, the Grand Jury should have been televised based on how it has been conducted thus far.

When people wonder why many Black Americans distrust the functioning of the American government, you can now add this case to the list of items sanctioned or condoned by the government that negatively affects Blacks.  From community red lining and segregation laws to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, there are far more highly publicized miscarriages of justice than there are instances where the system has treated everyone on equal terms.


4 thoughts on “Grand Scam

  1. I agree there will be no bad consequences from this for Darren Wilson. There almost never are. That’s true regardless of whether the victim is black or white, and sadly it’s more true when the victim is black.

    Again, I think TPTB in Ferguson are mishandling their strategy. A trial would at least have given them a chance to present evidence for all to see. This business of leaking only favorable information works fine for the people who already were on their side, but it infuriates those of us who felt from the beginning that there would never be a full and fair investigation. I hope the reaction in Ferguson won’t be violent, but like you I fear it will be.


    • I hope that I’m wrong, but something tells me that this is going to blow up like something awful. The police have already shown a tendency of overreacting, and I think that those going to be the ignition to the entire fiasco.


  2. I really appreciate all your posts, particularly those on your perspective on life. They bring awareness to people for whom such topics were never (or minimally so) part of their consciousness. More than that, they engender empathy for the situations of others.


    • I gain perspective from talking with people such as yourself. All I have to offer is my perspective on things. It may be something that others know and can relate to, and sometimes it may be something completely out of left field.

      Growing up in the conditions that I did taught me to appreciate all things. I understand those who don’t have two nickels to rub together, and I’ve grown to be able to support my own family now. Thanks for listening and offering input yourself.


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