The Sanctity of the Ballot


There have been much chattering going on about Democratic candidates who are reluctant to tell reporters or questioners who they voted for.  From Alison Grimes, Michelle Nunn, Natalie Tennant, and Mark Begich, reporters or campaign lackeys have been following them around asking them who they voted for in order to get that gold-plated sound bite saying they voted for Obama.  If they don’t want to answer the question, then they can hire me instead to answer the question for them.  I’ll give them the answer these questioners need to hear.

None of your damn business!!

My services are free, of course, but I can attempt to channel my inner Samuel L. Jackson when I deliver that answer for a small donation.

In the grand scheme of things, we can all pretty much guess how most politicians and candidates vote based on their campaigns and actions.  There’s no need for a “gotcha” moment that has to be captured on video.

I find it interesting that the candidates being asked this question are all Democratic candidates in close races.  Having them on video saying they voted for Obama does nothing but give their opposition an excellent and undeniable soundbite to run their next campaign attack ad.  That’s what this is all about.  Let’s be serious.

If this were not the case, then there would be people asking Republicans who they voted for.  Unfortunately, or fortunately if you’re Republican, being tied to Mitt “47%” Romney isn’t a ratings draw for the news media.  Otherwise, we’d have people asking that question to all politicians.

I find it funny that it really matters to some people who Grimes and the other Democrats voted for.  The same people who are whining about their voting were the same ones vigorously defending Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns for the years that may have shown him to be one of the people who received amnesty from the government for evading taxes.  So much for consistency in private matters, huh?

If any of you need an Angry Black Man to handle your press for you, then let me know.  As much as I loathe politicians, I’d have no problem at telling people where they could ream that question.  You are all Democrats, and I seriously doubt that any of you voted for Romney.  If you did, then that’s for you to know and not me.  If you wish to volunteer that information, then that’s on you.  I’m totally against using coercion to extract information from people though, even those whom I disagree with.


6 thoughts on “The Sanctity of the Ballot

  1. I find it offensive that the question is even being asked and there is no way to answer this even if you do tell them it is none of their business. If a politician were to say that, it would be on Fox News immediately and run as a sound bite every ten minutes. As Andrew Shepherd said, “They’re trying to get us to swing at a pitch in the dirt.”

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  2. I agree, it’s a STUPID thing to ask. Especially from the constitution humpers.

    BTW, congrats on the new tricycle motor. 3 more, then you can quit.


    • Well, the Constitution humpers only like to thump it when it aids their ideology.

      Thanks. The tricycle has found his inner “Samuel L. Jackson” and he’s adamant that we all know that too. 🙂


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