NCAA Football Week 8

NCAA 2014 Week 8

I talked a bit of smack about this year’s college football season before things got started.  My beloved Crimson Tide was ranked #2, and I figured we were on our way towards a date with the Coach’s Trophy at the end of the season.  I have since been chastened.

Things haven’t turned out quite like I thought, and something tells me that nobody would have predicted the top 5 teams for week 8 much less make a correct prediction of which team would be sitting in the #1 spot.  Looking at the AP Top 25 poll, I don’t think many people would argue about those predictions either.

I joked with friends at work after Alabama lost to Ole Miss and Texas A&M lost to Mississippi State in the same weekend.  The temperature last Sunday was in the low to mid 40s, and I figured Hell had frozen over with those two games turning out the way they did with the state of Mississippi showing up and knocking off two top 10 schools in the same day..  Even that joking didn’t have me prepared to see Miss St sitting #1 in the nation.

After their win over Auburn, I feel bad for Florida State fans, but they’re now the 2nd ranked team.  I know I’m biased, but playing in the SEC, especially the Western Division, means you’re playing some of the top teams week after week.  That’s why we SEC fans talk much trash when we have a team go undefeated.  Given the teams that Miss St has beaten so far, I think they rightfully deserve the #1 ranking, at least until we knock them off the top of the stack.

Seriously, I know that Miss St has beaten Bama before, most recently during the “Low Tide” phase when Sylvester Croom spanked Bama for not hiring him and going with Mike Shula instead.  I still think that was a bad decision, but I had no say in the matter.  I’m hoping that we don’t see a repeat of that in the coming weeks when the Bulldogs travel to Tuscaloosa.  I’ve never carried a rabbit’s foot for luck before, but if one comes across my path before that game, his friends will start calling him Tripod.

Also, thank you Bulldogs for that wonderful beat down you put on Auburn.  ROLL TIDE!!


8 thoughts on “NCAA Football Week 8

  1. I’ve never carried a rabbit’s foot for luck before,

    The rabbit might have a different perspective on that………… 😉


  2. This is one of the things I like about college football – on any day, anything can happen. I think Miss St deserves the top spot. My sons went to Fl State so I follow them, but had not thought after their first games they deserved the top spot. They just did not play to that level.

    A&M and Auburn… particularly both on the same day – it’s not a bet I would have made. But reality intrudes. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Frankly, I’m happy for the Miss teams and fans. It’s pretty historic and to see them both come on like this (and especially the great attitudes of both coaches) is wonderful to watch.


    • I’m looking forward to see how this thing turns out. If I were a gambling man, I would have folded long ago.

      What’s going on with Ole Miss and Miss St is why I like to watch college football. Coming from a small school, I take pleasure when the little guys get to spend time in the spotlight.


  3. I don’t much care for foo-baw, though I grew up in a college ball town. My wife never cared much for it either, partly because her school was a big name in track & field, but not so much for football when she was a student.

    So we weren’t too worked up about it when our schools played each other in the 2011 BCS Championship. But our fathers didn’t let us forget; every time Auburn scored, my dad called us (he was still teaching at AU at the time) and every time Oregon scored, my wife’s dad called us and quacked when we picked up the phone.


  4. Football is pretty much a religion in Alabama. You can tell that because both Tuscaloosa and Auburn more than double in population on game days. The only other city that does that is Talladega on race weekends.

    We’re lucky in that both my wife and I went to the same school. The one difference is that attending a Historically Black College gives you a different outlook on football games. It’s more about the bands and halftime than the actual game for most weekends.


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