Turn Out For What

It’s less than a month before the mid-term election, and it seems that this is shaping up to be an interesting mid-term.  Not only have we seen predictions of states shifting from safe to toss-up, we’ve also see instances of where voter registration applications appear to be too much for the system to process.

Leave it to MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign to get things started.

The rapper and a number of performers teamed up with non-profit organization Rock the Vote to produce the YouTube video.

The three-and-a-half minute clip starts out with Lil John speaking on the phone, telling the caller that he’ll swing by and hang out later, after he gets done voting in the midterm elections. The caller is then revealed to be Whoopi Goldberg, who plays Lil John’s “auntie” in the video. It then cuts to Lil John having a conversation with Girls star Lena Dunham, who’s in one of the voting booths with her celebrity trainer.

The remixed song stars about at about 1:30 through the video, with the words “Rock the vote, rock, rock the vote” kicking off the track. It features a series of celebrities saying that they’re turning out for a variety of causes. EJ Johnson, Lena Dunham, Fred Armisen, Natasha Lyonne and Whoopi Goldberg all appear in the clip.

Source: The Grio

Whatever you do between now and then, make sure you turn out to vote.  Lots of people sacrificed so that we could do so in peace and safety.  Every vote counts.  Excuse me now while I go get my groove on with my girls.  They love Turn Down for What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

While they like the song, there’s no way they’ll see the video before they turn 21.


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