Michael Dunn: Guilty!

Michael Dunn was found guilty of First Degree Murder of Jordan Davis yesterday.  I honestly have to say that I’m surprised that he was convicted on First Degree and not Second Degree murder when you look at the actual Florida law that defines Murder.

In First Degree Murder, the law states “When perpetrated from a premeditated design to effect the death of the person killed or any human being” whereas Second Degree drops the premeditation from consideration.

I don’t think Dunn had any premeditated desire to kill anyone the night of the shooting.  I think the confrontation ended up being a verbal altercation that got way out of control much faster than Dunn could control.  I can’t answer to whether he felt threatened at the time of the shooting or not, but his actions following the shooting don’t really give me the confidence that he had any fear of his life.

His actions after the shooting, as described in the original trial, makes me think he was indifferent towards shooting at a truck full of Black teens.  There was no concern to contact the authorities about any “fear” that he felt.  He didn’t even bother to check to see if he harmed anyone.  He simply went on about his business as though nothing happened.

I feel good that the parents of Jordan Davis got to see the killer of their child convicted.  It seems that some people don’t value the lives of young Black men, so I take solace that the members of this jury treated him as any other American instead of casting him off as a thug or hoodlum.

Dunn deserves to be in prison for what he did.  He affected the lives of people that he didn’t have to.  He took the life of a teen that didn’t deserve to be treated that way.  His cold and callous behavior after pulling the trigger shows he felt no remorse, and he even offered that during the trial in his testimony.

Rest in Peace Jordan.  Your murderer will most likely never see freedom for the rest of his life.


4 thoughts on “Michael Dunn: Guilty!

  1. From what I read about the crime, I agree with you that second degree murder would have been more in keeping with the crime. It wasn’t as though Dunn went hunting for someone to kill. As I understand it, he and his girlfriend had been to a wedding where they’d had a few drinks. My guess is that when he told the teens to turn down the music, he had a certain sense of entitlement about it. Whether because he was older or whiter or wealthier, he felt he was within his rights to instruct them. He got frustrated and angry when they sassed him back instead of following instructions. (FWIW, my guess is it was a similar anger at not being obeyed that pushed Darren Wilson over the edge.)

    Like you, though, I’m more appalled at his getting back in his car and calmly going on with his life. When you kill someone without meaning to, you should at least have enough humanity to recognize what you’ve done and be sorry for it. I’m okay with the verdict being a little harsher than the crime merits because I think the criminal merits it.


    • I think that his lack of remorse underlines how he really felt about Davis. If you dehumanize someone, there is no feeling of remorse if/when you do something bad to him. My view is that he didn’t respect Davis as a person, hence no remorse for killing him. That is far worse than the act of killing in my book. I’d be inclined to believe that he would have no qualms at doing the same thing again.


  2. He’s already looking at up to 60 years for the attempted murder of the other pax in the truck with Jordan Davis (for which he has already been found guilty). So add in the first-degree murder conviction and yeah, he’s never going to walk free again. And that sounds just right to me.

    And just as an aside, I think he’s either going to modify his thinking, attitude and behavior towards black folks right quick or else he’s not going to last long in the pokey. If he gets lippy with the wrong inmate, that’ll be it for him.


    • Had he shown remorse, I wouldn’t think life behind bars would be necessary. That lack of remorse is what I think sealed his sentence.

      He’s likely to be put in protective custody for a while. That, or he’ll align with Aryans or any other groups that will offer him protection.


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