Long term consequences of short term thinking

In a profile of George Zimmerman and his family in next month’s GQ, Amanda Robb details how everyone’s life has changed since the night George gunned down Trayvon Martin in 2012.

The entire family, she writes, is understandably paranoid — both about the potential of future litigation against George and the possibility that one of them will be killed as retribution for Martin.

George’s father, Bob, told Robb that everyone in the family carries concealed weapons, and that George is afraid what might happen if he is charged with federal civil rights violation for Martin’s death. “He’s worried that if FBI agents come and kick in his door, he’s probably gonna shoot a few of them.”

Such concern is warranted, George’s brother Robert said, not only because George is always armed, but because he has developed a form of post-traumatic stress syndrome that has left him with a quick temper. “‘What is your point?’ he’ll say. ‘Tell me the point. In two words: What is the point?

Source: Raw Story

Pardon me, but I honestly don’t feel sorry for George Zimmerman one bit.  If he feels paranoid, then that’s all because of him.  There’s no need to blame things on anyone else, because all of his problems are a direct consequence of his actions.

Nobody told him to follow Trayvon Martin that night.  Nobody told him to leave the safety of his vehicle instead of waiting on the police to do their job.  Nobody told him to confront Martin in a dark walkway between buildings.  Nobody told him to do these things except for him.  He made those decisions, and now he has to live with the consequences of his actions.

Short term thinking is what led him to believe that he could play cop and “save the day” for the neighborhood from the prowling thug that was strolling through the neighborhood.  Short term thinking made him think Martin would cower and answer to him like a whipped slave instead of Martin proceeding to “standing his ground” himself.  Short term thinking is what made him get out of his SUV and think that he could do what police are trained to do without having that actual training.

Long term thinking would have made him think of what different things could happen if he confronted Martin alone.  Long term thinking would have made him stop to consider that Martin could jump him and whip his ass before he had a chance to do anything.  Long term thinking would have made him decide whether it was safer to remain in his vehicle for the cops to handle things or exit his vehicle and risk his own safety.

Sadly, Zimmerman didn’t consider the long-term consequences of his actions, so now he’s worried that he’ll have to shoot some FBI agents.  Really?  Seriously?

George, here’s a bit of advice for you, something for you to consider long-term.  If the FBI is coming for you, it’s not going to be like TV.  FBI raids are not like Hollywood at all.  They are precise.  The are quick.  They are violent.  Before you have the chance to think about your gun, you’d already be on the ground.  If you pull your gun, I hope you have burial insurance and a will.  If you don’t believe me, then watch this.

Consider the long-term consequences of your actions before your short-term thinking cuts your life short.  Your paranoia is all your fault for not considering the long-term ramifications of your actions.  Don’t make that same mistake with the FBI because they won’t come knocking on your door armed with iced tea and skittles.


8 thoughts on “Long term consequences of short term thinking

    • I don’t wish ill on anyone, but if he honestly thinks this way, then he is proving himself to be a danger to society. The run-ins with people that lead to 911 calls does nothing to help his image. If he’s that paranoid, then he needs to check himself in somewhere and get help.

      Based on what I’ve seen on the FBI and their Hostage Rescue Team, if those guys are coming for you, it’s easier to give up ahead of time. You save yourself the stress,and you probably save your life.


  1. In shooting Trayvon Martin, whether he felt himself justified or not, Zimmerman confirmed himself as a dangerous individual. As such, I’d have no compunctions about shooting him myself if he came to my door.

    “Why officer, I only fired in self-defense. I saw this guy on teevee after he shot that nice young man who was walking home from the store. If he’d shoot that kid unprovoked, there’s no telling what he’d do to me and my family. So I didn’t have any choice BUT to shoot.”


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