One for the record books

Photo: John Bazemore, AP Courtesy of Stamford Advocate

Last night, Atlanta Falcon’s Devin Hester set the new NFL record for return touchdowns.  This record-setting punt return of 62 yards could not have been better scripted if Steven Spielberg tried to write it himself.  He was tied with 19 returns for touchdowns prior to last night.  Now, he’s the sole owner of the record.

The previous record holder also played for the Falcons.  Deion “Prime Time” Sanders was the record holder with 19 returns and was also on hand to witness the record-breaking return.  After the game, he shared an emotional interview with Hester.

As for the record breaking attempt itself, it happened in the Georgia Dome, the stadium that Sanders famously declared “This is my house” with Hester wearing the same uniform for the same team that Sanders got many of his returns with.  It was Hester’s first return for a touchdown in his first year as a Falcon.  To put the cherry on the top, he even high stepped into the endzone with his left hand tucked behind his head as “Prime Time” had done on many of his returns.

Tip of the hat, Devin.  May you set the bar even higher.


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