Little Known Black History Fact: 9/11 Hero Godwin Ajala

I was thinking of a tribute to the events 13 years ago when I came across this article. I’m certain that there could be hundreds more like this written for those who assisted others on that fateful day.

Mr. Ajala selflessly gave himself to help others survive, and for that act, I am grateful.  He is listed as the only Nigerian national who perished in the attacks that day.

Black America Web

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The horrific events of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. will be forever etched into the memories of those who lived through that turbulent time. As America rightly honors the heroic efforts of the first-responders who saved countless lives, history should be equally kind to the efforts of Godwin Ajala.

Ajala, a Nigerian lawyer who came to America to make a better life for his wife and family, worked as a security guard at the World Trade Center. According to the accounts of his roommate, Ajala worked eight hours a day at WTC, and studied for the grueling New York State bar exam at night.

Ajala was determined to pass the bar, after failing the exam three times. He was not trained in U.S. law, but his knowledge of Commonwealth Law was said to be his strong suit. On the morning of…

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