About time NFL and Baltimore Ravens

Finally!!  Ray Rice has all the time he needs to sit at home and contemplate the consequences of his actions.  I don’t believe in unjust or undue punishment, but when you, as a man, knock a woman out cold with your fists, you deserve far more punishment than what Rice has gotten so far. I simply don’t understand why it took so long for his contract to be terminated by the Ravens.  Undoubtedly, there has to be some kind of morals clause written within it that could have justified him being dumped long ago.

As a matter of fact, I’m surprised that he’s still able to walk around and do press conferences because I’m sure his wife has family around, especial male family members.  Had that been one of my sisters or cousins, there would have probably been a few relatives that needed bailing out of jail after that incident went down.

After looking at the video that was released of him and his then fiancée in the elevator, I don’t know how or why the NFL or the Ravens had not seen that video prior to TMZ releasing it to the public.  If they really wanted to know what happened, I’m certain they have more than enough money, power, and clout to have gotten their hands on that video.  I hope this wasn’t a case of them trying to sweep this under the rug.  As much as I love football, I will not spend a penny on someone who knowingly tries to hide domestic abuse.

Roger Goodell royally screwed up when he only gave Rice a two game suspension.  That was made even more apparent when others pointed out that a first time substance abuse infraction merited more punishment.  What kind of image do you project when someone gets more time for ingesting growth hormones than they get for knocking their wife/fiancée out cold with their bare hands?

This will remain a black eye for a while on the entire NFL.  They need to get their act together and do it quickly.  Sometimes money and things have to take a back seat and humanity and dignity needs to be brought to the forefront.  How can you expect people to spend money on tickets, jerseys, and other goods when the star athletes are getting arrested left and right for all kinds of crimes, especially crimes like this?

Rice has a daughter with his current wife.  Maybe he should have considered how he would feel if some man knocked his daughter out before he swung his fists.  That’s exactly what he did, and I don’t think that he would take too kindly to someone doing it to his child.  I wouldn’t.


19 thoughts on “About time NFL and Baltimore Ravens

  1. If Rice wants to keep his fists busy while he’s out of work, I imagine there are plenty of opportunities in the growing field of masked Mexican-style wrestling. Surely the sobriquet “Senor Bag-Of-Crap” is as yet unclaimed by any other luchador.


  2. Jay’s take on this is that the video didn’t add anything new to the story. It did for me. Maybe I just don’t follow these things closely enough (I don’t), but what bothered me most about the video was not the punch but the aftermath. The punch was brutal. I don’t want to make excuses for it. But I might have been willing to be in a more forgiving mood about it if he had the reacted in horror, bent over her with concern, picked her up or cradled her gently, made any apparent effort to get her help. He didn’t. He didn’t do anything to suggest he had any kind of remorse for what he’d done, any tenderness toward her, any concern for her condition. As far as I am concerned, he forfeited any claim on anyone’s understanding when he dragged her body half out of the elevator, draped her inelegantly on the floor, gave her a little kick, and then stood around apparently waiting for her to get over it. Not much of a man, IMO.


    • No disagreement with you. The entire ordeal disgusts me from the actual punch to the lack of investigation and punishment afterwards.

      I remember Ron Gant being released by the Atlanta Braves because he violated his contract when he hurt himself while riding an ATV. I’m sure that most, if not all, of the modern contracts have moral clauses that allow for dismissal for serious infractions like this.

      Do I think he should never play again? No, but that should be up to any team willing to hire him. Should he play this year? Not at all. This year should be counseling and anger management training.


  3. I simply don’t understand why it took so long for his contract to be terminated by the Ravens.

    I don’t follow football closely but I understand that Rice is a pretty good player. Unfortunately, there’s your answer. The NFL acted when it was forced to act and not a minute sooner. They’ll do virtually anything they can to keep a productive player on the field (and this goes for every other professional sport, including the NCAA).

    Interesting that you mentioned the Ron Gant situation. That’s a different one, though. I don’t remember it but I’m guessing his injuries prevented him from playing, i.e. his actions hurt the team, on the field. A player will get disciplined for that quicker than anything else.

    Incidents like Rice fall into two categories; A) a good player who is valuable to the team, and the team will do all it can to look the other way unless the player does something they can’t avoid taking a stand on or B) a marginal or declining player who isn’t much value to the team and/or has a contract they want to get out of. Player B is gone before sundown.

    Not the way it should be but that’s big time sports. It ain’t for the faint hearted and it is what it is. People who’ve never been around professional sports would be astounded by what goes on.


    • I think you summed things up precisely as they are. A prime time player gets better treatment over a marginal or declining one. I remember Gant’s release because it was one of the first that I could remember that happened because of something totally unrelated to the sport or involved illegal substances.


      • You’re probably not old enough to remember but back in the early 70’s (71 or 72) Donnie Allison was fired from the Wood Brothers team because he got injured in a short track race and that caused him to miss a scheduled start for the Wood Brothers.


    • I understand that, and I agree with you. I’ll give you this to think about though. Is a decision to not fight back the same as not having the ability to fight back?

      I’m not trying to negate anything that happened, nor am I trying to blame the victim. I see not being able to fight as being different from not choosing to fight.

      If his wife was my sister or daughter, she wouldn’t have to fight back as I would have done enough for the both of us. Someone needs to step in on her behalf, even if she doesn’t want it, just to ensure that nothing else happens because there is a small child to worry about now.


  4. He cold cocked her; how could she fight back? As for Vick, those abused animals couldn’t fight back. No, Brosephus, you & I are not “fighting” about this, but I should tell you that I was active in NOW for many years & advocated for abused women & children. So there is no middle ground, no what if, in my mind.


    • At that point and time, she couldn’t have. That’s why I said someone should have stepped up for her. I have heard nothing about her family, so I’m wondering where they are. My family wouldn’t tolerate this. Not one minute.

      I’m not seeking any middle ground. I’m questioning where is her support system. I remember the burning bed case from long ago. She needs someone to wake her up because that was obviously not the first time. You can see that in her behavior.


  5. I remember the burning bed case. In the movie, the woman tried to get help from her family & from law enforcement – no help anywhere, from anyone. She was on her own. I can only hope that WHEN Rice’s wife seeks help, someone will listen & come to her aid, before he kills her. I know there is a horrifying statistic about how many women are murdered every year by their abusive husbands/boyfriends. Okay, enough of this topic for me tonight; it is just too heartrending for me. Must say, however, I agree with you, Brosephus. If this were happening to one of mine, I would indeed buy & learn to shoot so I could kill him. Thus speaks a pacifist, anti-death penalty woman. Message to abusers: Don’t mess with a mom, scumbag!


    • Amen sister!!! I didn’t want to post this at first because I’d hate to think of what I would do if she were my daughter. At the same time, I think there should definitely be a voice out there that says this is a no go.

      Enjoy your evening, I’m going to call it a night myself.


  6. Honey, I know you are a LEO, but if you ever need backup in this type of situation, I am there! I know you have 2 daughters, as do I, & 1 dil, & 4 granddaughters. Nobody better mess with my girls!

    So when is your #3 joining the world, my friend?


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