Motorcycle fail captured by Google’s Street View car

motorcycle fail

I’ve ridden motorcycles on and off since I was a teenager.  Any veteran rider will tell you there are two kinds of riders, those who have dropped their bike and those who are going to drop their bike.  At this point in life, I still belong to the latter, so I’m always focused on what I’m doing when I’m on two wheels.  I also have purposefully limited my riding since meeting my wife to avoid joining that former group.

Anyway, in the day and age of cameras everywhere, you’re likely to end up on YouTube or Facebook if you drop your bike in public.  The ultimate fail, however, is to drop your bike in front of the Google Street View car.  Those cars are not everywhere all at one time, so it takes a very concerted effort to time your accident right when that car is riding your six.

Courtesy of

A motorcyclist’s embarrassing error on a Brazilian street is now available to view worldwide.

You see, the rider, not really dressed suitably for his fall, ran into the back of a car right in front of another vehicle that just happened to be carrying the Google Street View camera.

The rider seems to escape the error of judgment with just his pride dented, although it seems likely he’s left some skin behind.

Flick through the photos above to follow his misfortune or click here to visit Rua 7 de Setembro in Blumenau, Brazil, at the exact moment of the collision.

Dude, I don’t know who you are, but you are now worldwide known whether you like it or not.  I seem to remember someone else who made that claim back in the day…  I doubt that you’re going to replace him though.

I couldn’t help but notice this woman’s expression and laugh.  I hope I didn’t harm my karma by doing so.

motorcycle fail2

motorcycle fail3

In what had to be the worst stroke of luck for this guy, not only was the Google Street View car behind him, but there was also a police officer trailing behind him the entire time.  What a bad day to drop your bike.  Hope you’re okay.



One thought on “Motorcycle fail captured by Google’s Street View car

  1. Many years ago while leaving the race track over at Talladega, I was inching along in the bumper to bumper traffic and came up on a pickup truck in the lane to my right. This pickup had a camper shell on it with the lift gate open ………….and a motorcycle up under the back bumper. Evidently I came along at just the right time, as the motorcycle rider’s head peer up over the tail gate and he climbed out of the back of the pick up. Shortly thereafter, another head appeared, over the tail gate, which appeared to be a seriously drunk guy with a befuddled look on his face. It must have scared him worse than the rider, when the rider, evidently, came flying into the back of the pickup. Oh, the things I have seen at racetracks; I could write a book.


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