New Look

I’ve been toying around with photo editing for a minute, trying to see if I could design a somewhat professional look on my own for this blog.

This is one design that I came up with.  I’m gonna run with this for a while to see how I like it.  Sorry for the lapse in posting, but a brother has been fairly busy with life and stuff.  That, and I’ve been dealing with some minor health issues.

No worries, the posting will soon resume as there are lots of things that I’ve read about lately that have been setting my brain on fire.


12 thoughts on “New Look

    • Thanks. I’m ok, I guess. I’ve been having fits with headaches for a year or so now. They can sometimes last 2 to 3 days at a time regardless to what i take for them. Nothing’s been found out of the ordinary by the doctors. I guess it’s just me getting older, and I think I gave myself a pretty good concussion last summer too.


      • That doesn’t sound like ‘getting older,’ especially with the sudden onset. It could be many things – migraines (my daughter has recently found relief with Botox injections – numbs the nerve endings), some internal damage from the concussion to all sorts of things. Might want to have a neurological test done. Something’s changed (stress level – work?).


        • Could be stress from work. They started after I hit my head on my garage floor. CT scans have all been negative, and nothing has been found with other tests. They’re not frequent, but they hang around when they show up.


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