It’s time!!!

It’s time for America to witness the beginning of Nick Saban’s March to the “C”.  That would be C as in Championship or Coach’s Trophy.  Take your pick.

Those who are in downtown Atlanta enjoying themselves have plenty to look at.  In addition to the Chick Fil A Kickoff Game, Dragon Con is also going on here as well.  The Crimson Tide isn’t the only superheroes on display today.  🙂

Roll Tide Roll!!! Although I have to put up with Lane Effin’ Kiffin all year… I do apologize to all SEC fans for him being back in the South again. It wasn’t my choice.


One thought on “It’s time!!!

  1. I was just a pre-school squirt when my old man got his first — and only — professorin’ job, which just happened to be at an SEC school, so while I wasn’t born in the South, I was certainly raised here and definitely steeped in college foo-baw. Now, I won’t name the school, because some folks (certainly not you, Brosephus) will judge you in the South simply based on your geographic and football loyalties, so suffice it to say that my dad taught at a “name” SEC school and it wasn’t ‘Bama. 🙂

    Now it’s nearly 50 years later and both Mom n’ Dad have retired from said SEC school (Mom worked in administration) and one of my degrees is from there. And I STILL don’t get what all the fuss is about. My wife’s from the West Coast, which has a few good teams, but not the haystack of perennial powerhouses like the SEC and Big Ten (where my dad went to school) do. I’ve tried to explain it to her; that football is kind of a civic religion down here and that the day you go to ‘services’ depends wholly on the size and character of your closest football team, be it high school (in which case you attend services on Friday evenings), college (in which case Saturdays) or professional (where services fall on Sundays, if your team’s not playing on TV Monday night).

    All that said, though, she doesn’t really get it and I suppose I don’t, either. Sure, I want my original alma mater to do well and even go to a bowl each year, but I simply don’t get worked up about it. And despite growing up in that college town and going to school there, I don’t think I’ve attended more than a half-dozen games in my life.

    Perhaps it’s something you have to be born into, though the town in which I was born *also* hosts a “name” football team, and it won the Rose Bowl the year we moved from Big 10 territory to SEC country.

    Maybe it’s something passed down by family and friends, like holiday traditions or recipes.

    Then again, maybe I’m just foo-baw impaired. 🙂


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