Who cares?

Reading CNN.com last night before bed, I came across an opinion piece written by Newt Gingrich.  Titled “What would Reagan do?”, he gives his opinion of the speech that Reagan would have given after the execution of James Foley.

I’ve heard countless times about how some conservatives complain that all Obama does is give speeches, so I find it puzzling, yet funny, that a conservative mouthpiece would pen such an opinion piece that’s nothing but a made-up speech about what Reagan would do.

Here’s my answer to your question, Newt.  Who cares what Reagan would say?  He’s not the president.  Why don’t you try to rally behind your current president for once?


5 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. On June 12, 1987 Reagan gave some yawner of a speech that drew a sparse crowd of Berliners (a lot of ’em Merican expats), and which almost every German ignored at the time, and we’re supposed to lionize the then-senile President today because he was such an awesome speechifier.

    But that Obama, he, um, uses a teleprompter. And is an empty suit. And only drew like half a million Krauts to his little open-air speech he gave in Berlin so there.


  2. “Why don’t you try to rally behind your current president”

    what is this, some kind of science fiction sub-genre you’re writin’?


    • I like Newt because he’s unpredictable. In one minute, he can be a flaming rhetoric machine and then be the voice of reason the next minute. He’s like the drunk uncle that you hate to get started on a topic, but you can’t stop listening once he gets into high gear because you know he’s going to say something worth remembering later on, whether good or bad.


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