This is why some Brothers don’t swim in the ocean

Contrary to popular folklore, this Brother can swim.  Not only can I swim, but I swim very well as do many other Brothers.  There are still those who can not swim though, so there is a bit of truth to that old saying.

While I do swim on occasion, if it’s not in a concrete or vinyl lined hole in someone’s backyard (Florida excepted), I’m not going any further than I can see my feet.  The murkier the water, the less likely you’re going to see me in it.

I’ve watched National Geographic and the Animal Planet enough to know how big assed crocs and alligators, like the one in the video above, love to ambush their prey from the water, even when their prey is standing on the bank.  I simply refuse to become prey if I have anything to do with it.

Even away from the banks, there is no guaranteed safety just as the video below shows.  When a 4ft shark can be consumed in one bite, I don’t want to know whether or not a 6ft Brother can be eaten like that too.  I’ll wait until Myth Busters decide to take on that challenge.

Watching videos like this reminds me why I stick to swimming pools to get my kicks.  It’s much easier to see when you’re not alone.


6 thoughts on “This is why some Brothers don’t swim in the ocean

  1. I’ve learned something new today.

    I vividly remember the time as a kid, playing in the ocean in southern Cal, when the thought hit me that I could not see down, but whatever was down could see me.


  2. For the next few years, you’ll be spending all your time in shallow water even in pools. You’ll be the alligator chasing little girls and snatching them out of the water to eat them up!

    In my era, the only thing a college degree absolutely guaranteed was that you could swim two lengths of the pool and tread water for five minutes. I have a college degree. But I hate swimming. I get really anxious in water over my head. Years ago some friends took me sailing on Lake Lanier. In the afternoon the wind dies down completely. If you’re in a sailboat, that means your motor stops. Wherever you are, you just sit there for a few hours. The only way to get cool is jump in the lake. The others looked forward to it. I did it because they did it. Finally one of them, a nurse, got a good look at my face and took pity on me. “You don’t have to swim any more,” she told me. “You don’t have to swim ever again. I’ll give you a note!” So now when anyone suggests swimming, I just tell them I have a note.


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