I think I just purchased my ticket to Hell

If I had not already messed up before, I think I just sealed my invite to the perpetual Bar-B-Que in the land beyond the River Styx.  I hope I never run into this guy because I have never laughed so hard at a single event before in my lifetime.

I’ve laughed myself into stomach cramps before.  I’ve laughed myself into a headache.  I’ve even laughed myself into a headache and then proceeded to laugh the headache away.

This time, however, I think I’ve set the record.  I laughed so hard that my throat started hurting.  I’m still recovering and scratching my head at how I managed to make my throat hurt.

I don’t particularly like to use public restrooms, especially if I have to “Take the Browns to the Superbowl”.  If I use the restroom at work for that, I use a nearby bathroom, and I don’t go gallivanting through the building to find a specific toilet.  I couldn’t imagine spending 41 hours trapped in an elevator, much less being trapped in one having to take a dump.

I’m surprised that the guy held on to his load for as long as he did.  Once he let go, there was no going back.

Goodness…  I’ve really got to stop laughing at this.  It’s starting to hurt worse now.


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