Activists Protest Bombing of Gaza and innocent passerby harassed by pro Israel opposition and arrested

What was Chief Justice Roberts saying about this supposed post-racial America?  You have to read the story and see the accompanying photos to understand.

Raw Story has an article on what transpired prior to the pepper spraying.

An African-American Seattle man who happened to be walking by a pro-Palestinian protest said that he is still confused as to why a security guard would have pepper sprayed him instead of a white man who was harassing demonstrators and yelling racial slurs.

Freelance photographer Alex Garland, who photographed and videotaped the incident, told The Stranger that a white shirtless man had been trying to start fights with activists at a pro-Palestinian rally on Saturday.

Garland said that the man had been shouting epithets like “towelhead” and “sand n*gger.”

I don’t know whether things are getting worse or if technology is making it easier to learn about more of these incidents.  Either way, why wasn’t the antagonist pepper sprayed?

The Dignity Virus

Demonstrators protest the violence in Gaza during a pro Palestine rally in Seattle. As protestors lined the sidewalks in Westlake Park, a pro Israel supporter walks by, harassing the demonstrators, yelling in peoples faces, screaming obscenities, and racial slurs. After crossing the street and harassing another group of demonstrators, the man tore off his shirt and began walking towards the group with fists clenched. As someone who wasn’t a part of the demonstration walked by, the pro Israel supporter turned and said something as he passed. The man then turned around as if he was going to swing, but thought better of it. The pro Israel supporter squared off with him, but a Westlake security guard who was watching the interaction pulled out his pepper spray, and sprayed the innocent passerby, grabbed him by the arm and tried to wrestle him to the ground. He was eventually led off into…

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2 thoughts on “Activists Protest Bombing of Gaza and innocent passerby harassed by pro Israel opposition and arrested

  1. As my wife says, “how many zeroes go with that?”

    IMO, Mr. Wilford will probably have his choice of good Seattle attorneys, all willing to take his case on contingency. He should have no problem prying a fat settlement loose from Valor Security Services and “Officer” Dumbspit.

    And if they don’t want to settle, then sue them into the poorhouse.


    • I’ve been exposed to OC spray, and that’s not something that I’d wish on my worst enemy. Depending on the manufacturer, you’re talking about getting hit in the face with something that feels like Satan’s piss.


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