Killing them softly with his song

I saw this video on ABC News Now while I was getting ready for work yesterday morning.  As a musician, Farmer Derek Klingenberg gives a crystal clear definition of what it literally means to “play music until the cows come home”.

I don’t know which part of the video I like the most.  Towards the end, the cows all sit around once he’s almost done as though they’re expecting an encore song.  Then, once he gives them the encore, they all sound like they’re cheering (mooing) right along with him.

Who would have ever thought that cows loved the trombone or Lorde’s “Royal”?  I guess I’ll try to play some James Brown this afternoon and see whether my goldfish gets up on the good fin or not.  LOL!!!


12 thoughts on “Killing them softly with his song

    • LOL!! I guess that trombones and baritones would be the two that sound closest to the pitch of mooing cows. The only thing that was missing was the “Eat Mor Chikin” sign at the end. 😉


  1. Cows can actually be pretty docile creatures if they are raised that way from early on. I’ve seen cows that were basically like dogs, follow you around, come when called, etc. (Hot tip- rub the underside of a cow’s neck and it’s pretty well yours). All depends in how they are started off.

    Of course, they can also kill you in the blink of an eye and that’s one thing to never lose sight of.

    Just a wild guess here but the sun appears to be pretty low in the sky and that’s a fairly good number of cows for the acreage we can see (who knows how much we can’t see). My guess is it was feeding time.


    • I was thinking that he’s been doing this for a while and they associate the sound with something like feeding time. It’s a pretty cool reaction though either way.

      Luckily, I’ve never had to deal with an angry cow.


      • If you ever do have to deal with an angry cow, a couple of tips…………get out of dodge as fast as you can and remember the cow can easily outrun you, so speed alone isn’t going to save you. 😆


        • 😆

          Thanks for the heads up!!! My great grandmother had a psycho goat, and I learned at a very young age to leave him alone. All the cows that I’ve been around were quite docile and friendly.


        • Grandpappy Mama’s cattle were always pretty mellow; I guess that came from the fact that me, Dad and Grandpappy were always out there feeding them, fixing fence, laying salt blocks for them, spraying them for flies and knocking the ice off their drinking water spring (yep, their own natural spring, maybe 2-3 gpm) in the winter.

          Now, Grandpappy’s *rooster,* he was a different matter. i was afraid to go in the henhouse to collect eggs until I was 15 or 16.


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