Ebola phobia at home

Today, the second of two Americans sick from the Ebola virus arrived here in Atlanta to be taken care of at Emory University Hospital.  Nancy Writebol arrived aboard the same plane today as Dr. Kent Brantly arrived on last Saturday.  They’re in isolation at Emory University Hospital where they will hopefully make a full recovery from this virus.

I don’t see anything wrong with transporting them here for treatment.  First of all, they are American, and we have the best healthcare system in the world if you believe some people.  If I had a choice to have my spouse or any other family member treated there or here in the same situation, I would have probably tried to go and get them myself.

The people transporting them are trained to handle serious infections such as this with the utmost of care and safety.  The people who will administer treatment here are probably some of the best in the world available to do so.  The facilities they’re being taken care of in are likely second to none as well.  All of this to say that it pisses me off to hear people question this move.

I understand the fear, but I’d bet money that the same people who were suggesting that we treat these two over there would not say the same thing if this were their husband or wife.  The Ebola virus isn’t going to parachute from the plane and land in your backyard.  If we’re going to treat them there, who’s going to pay to have the top-of-the-line equipment ferried there.  How are we going to get the facilities built there fast enough to replicate what we have here?

I pray for a speedy recovery for these two as well as all the others affected by this virus.  Given how this virus appears to have jumped the borders of the three original countries, the world may end up being thankful for Dr. Brantly and Mrs. Writebol being treated here.  What saves them here may end up saving us all down the road.


10 thoughts on “Ebola phobia at home

  1. Yeah, I am baffled by the fear-mongering about bringing these two to the US. If the virus comes here, it’s going to come in an ordinary traveler who is not actively sick when he or she boards a commercial flight. It’s not going to come from a professional medical transfer on a charter flight.


    • News this morning reported between 5 to 8 people in Nigeria showing symptoms of being infected with 2 dead. We have a daily flight from Lagos, and I’m more concerned with someone coming in on that flight as opposed to a well planned professional medical flight.


  2. In my opinion, treating them here may, in fact, be the best option. Evidently, whatever treatment they are getting is working and that may cut some time off the learning curve to treat Ebola. Whatever they learn here can be used in Africa and the sooner it’s under control over there, the better for the whole world. With today’s global travel, these things can spread quickly and the sooner they figure out how to control it, the better.


    • Can’t disagree with you. I consider this as the human trials for that treatment. If it works, they’re going to need to pump out as much as they can. The potential for spread is present in Nigeria right now, and nobody’s said whether anyone in Togo was infected.


  3. Brosephus, didn’t Delta suspend that Lagos flight? Or is that on a different airline?

    The African airline I mentioned recently (ASKY) got mentioned in an NPR piece late last week; they’ve apparently suspended several of their routes in the hardest-hit areas. NPR’s probably ahead of the game, as they have a very good and very experienced correspondent located in West Africa:



    • I’ve seen graphics that pointed at the diets of West African countries. There’s the bat, bushmeat, and other things consumed that may lead to outbreaks.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the primary reason for the outbreak.


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