House GOP abdicates responsibility and goes on vacation

The House GOP leadership has basically threw in the towel on passing a border security bill before their August recess.  Unable to get their own party members to vote for their plan, the leadership cancelled a planned vote on their own legislation.

From the USA Today:

In what has become a familiar problem for House Republicans, leaders scrapped a planned vote Thursday afternoon on controversial immigration legislation after it became clear they did not have the support of their own party to pass it.

In a joint statement, GOP leaders said they would continue to work toward a solution to the flood of unaccompanied children detained at the U.S./Mexico border and put the onus on President Obama to act on his own.

In other words, they said Obama’s $3.7 Billion suggestion wasn’t going to work, so they were going to do one on their own.  Now that they’ve had the time to formulate their own plan, they can’t even vote for it.  To add further insult to injury, they’re saying that there are things that Obama can do on his own without action from Congress to deal with the issue.  This is the same House GOP that is planning to sue Obama for acting on his own without the assistance from Congress.  This is the same House GOP that pushes the notion that Obama is a dictator and refuses to work with Congress.  How can Obama work with Congress when they can’t work with themselves?  It’s a guaranteed failure for anybody who has to depend on this Congress for anything.

Here’s an excerpt from the leaders’ statement from an article at the New York Times:

“This situation shows the intense concern within our conference — and among the American people — about the need to ensure the security of our borders and the president’s refusal to faithfully execute our laws,” House Republican leaders said in a statement. “There are numerous steps the president can and should be taking right now, without the need for congressional action, to secure our borders and ensure these children are returned swiftly and safely to their countries.”

For those not keeping up, here’s my view of what has happened over the course of this immigration issue at the Southern Border.  Mind you, this is just my personal observation.

**Breaking News** Thousands of Central American kids are overrunning the Southern US Border

House GOP“This situation is because Obama refuses to enforce the laws, and he wants to give illegals amnesty. President Obama, you need to do something about this.”

President Obama: “This situation is because Congress refuses to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Congress, send me a comprehensive immigration bill, and I will sign it. Otherwise, I will explore what executive actions I can take on my own.

House GOP: “OMFG!!!!! Amnesty!!! President Obama, you need to do something other than amnesty. That sh*t ain’t gonna happen.”

President Obama: “Congress, since you don’t want to do comprehensive immigration reform, here’s my $3.7 Billion plan to address the border situation.”

House GOP: “This mofo must be smokin’ weed. That’s too much, so we’ll tell you what you need to deal with this situation.”

President Obama“Murica, Congress can’t seem to get things together.  I want to solve this problem, but they’re gonna impeach a brother if I try to act on my own.  They’re already threatening me with a silly lawsuit.”

House GOP“We’re still gonna sue you for acting like you can do things without consulting with us first.  We’re still gonna give you this border bill because you can’t do anything without Congressional approval first.  The SCOTUS has already ruled 9-0 against you for overreach.”

President Obama“OK, I’m gonna chill out and go do some campaigning while y’all get that bill together.  Holla at me when you’re ready.”

House GOP: “This legislating sh*t is too hard. I’m going home to raise campaign funds on how Obama is ruining America and he’s the reason why we can’t do our job.  He can do things without us to deal with this issue anyway.  He doesn’t need anything from us.”

Just remember that this is what our tax dollars are paying for.  While they’re out in August campaigning to return to DC in January to continue to do nothing, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will run out of funding in mid August and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will follow suit in September.  If border security was as serious an issue as they claim, why wouldn’t they ensure that the enforcers of immigration policy be able to actually do their job.  Instead, we’re likely to hear bellyaching about how Obama’s not enforcing the immigration laws even though they didn’t pass the necessary funding for the enforcement to happen.  Oh well…  we get what we vote for.


6 thoughts on “House GOP abdicates responsibility and goes on vacation

  1. I move that all Congressional and Senate salaries, as well as all appropriated funds for office operations and overhead as well as official travel, be clawed back and transferred instead to ICE and CBP operations immediately.

    In short, if Congress won’t act on resolving the issue it’s complaining about, then We The People shouldn’t be paying them for a job that’s not getting done. So let’s take that money and use it for what Congress doesn’t seem to want to fund.

    i bet that’d make Speaker Boehner cry again.


        • None of the funding will affect operations. We’re considered “Mission Essential”, so we’ll still go full speed regardless of the situation. We didn’t stop when the shutdown happened. We just have to wait until funding is restored before we can get paid.

          The bill collectors were all pretty cool about things when the government shutdown happened. They knew that we’d all pay them once we got paid. It was a bit frightening to not know when you were going to get paid. Had the shutdown gone on longer, there probably would have been a lot of workers in financial trouble. Unlike perception, most fed workers aren’t getting wealthy working for Uncle Sam.


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