Charles Barkley Offers to Pay for Funerals of 3 Kids Killed in Alleged Philly Carjacking

I know of Barkley’s family through my family members who grew up in the same neighborhood as he did. He’s a great guy and has a great heart.

Tip of the cap to you Charles…

Black America Web

Former Philadelphia 76ers great and TNT NBA commentator Charles Barkley has offered to pay for the funerals of three children killed in an automobile accident following an alleged sexual assault and carjacking in North Philadelphia last week.

The children — Keiearra Williams, 15; Thomas Joseph Reed, 10; and Terrence Moore, 7 — were struck and killed on the morning of July 25 by a Toyota 4Runner that “lurched out of control and into a family selling fruit at Allegheny and Germantown Avenues,” according to Aubrey Whelan and Mike Newall of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Their mother, Keisha Williams, 34, was also injured, and remained hospitalized in critical condition as of Monday night.

The car belonged to a female real estate agent who had allegedly been “carjacked [and] forced to perform oral sex on [two] men after they forced their way into her car,” taking $3,000 from the woman in the process…

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4 thoughts on “Charles Barkley Offers to Pay for Funerals of 3 Kids Killed in Alleged Philly Carjacking

  1. He’s wonderful to step forward on this.

    The carjacking part of it activates my BS radar a little bit. But there’s absolutely no doubt that the three children and their mother were innocent bystanders who suffered dreadfully from the actions of others. I’m glad there are a few Charles Barkleys in the world to balance out some of the nastiness.


    • I agree with that last statement. He’s trying to avoid publicity to ensure the focus stays on the family. I guess I’m not helping things by blogging about it. :).


  2. I know that nothing would bring the kids back, but hopefully Barkley’s kind and generous gesture will help ease the family’s burden and give them at least a little bit of peace.

    Class act, Sir Charles. Class act.


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