Truth in advertising

This ad is being run by a non-partisan, nonprofit group called Represent US, and their aim is to remove corruption from our political system.  This ad is for their Senate “candidate”, Gil Fulbright, out of Kentucky.  His basic message is that, for the right price, he will support whatever you want.  While they’re using humor as a vehicle for their message, the series of campaign ads point out a lot of truths that we should all react to.  It’s not that we don’t see this already as Congress has an approval rating that’s so low that Satan likely polls with a better approval rating.

In regards to net neutrality, here’s his message.

And as for health care…

Here’s their message away from the cloak of humor.  I may have to join in with them as I’d love nothing more than to rid our system of corruption and graft.

I would have given this a humor tag, but for the serious message underneath the humor, I just couldn’t do it.  Hopefully, this message will catch fire and we can see some positive change as a result.  A tip of the hat to Jim Galloway at the AJC for the appearance of the first video into my WordPress reading pane.  Thanks!!


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