Dissention in the GOP ranks

Last night, I came across a headline that talked about Kansas Republicans endorsing the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor.  At the Wall Street Journal, the headline, Some in Kansas GOP Break With Gov. Brownback, Endorse Democratic Opponent, seemed pretty innocuous.  I figured that it would be around 5-10 Republicans who were disenchanted with the current governor who were behind the headline.  However, the first line of the article kinda blew me out of the water.

“More than 100 Republican officials endorsed the Democratic opponent of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday, the latest sign of re-election troubles for one of the nation’s most conservative governors.”

Since my interests got kicked harder than a government mule drop kicking an unsuspecting handler, I had to continue on reading to see what was happening there.  It seems as though the Moderate Republicans are not happy with the direction that Kansas is headed under Brownback and his Conservative legislators.  It also doesn’t help that Brownback backed conservative challengers that defeated some of the moderates in their previous election cycle.

Sometimes, when you pull too hard to one side, things have a way of self-correcting in order to keep balance.  It seems as though some residents of Kansas are ready to rebalance things there.  There is a total of 104 Republicans in this group, and they all have their name listed to their list of reasons why they’re supporting the Democrat.

I’ve said that our political system is like a wheel in that it has to have balance.  When you throw it too far out of whack, people will work to get it back into balance.  I’ve wondered why we haven’t seen Moderate Republicans staking out their claims on their party.  I’ve assumed that they were not upset enough at the rightward pull that’s going on.  Well, it seems as though some have hit their limit, and they’re ready to apply the brakes.  It makes me somewhat happy that moderates, from either party, are starting to stand up for themselves.  The only downside I see to this is that I would have preferred to see the moderates attempt to take out Brownback from within their own party, but I can’t be too choosey about that.

Best of luck to you guys in your endeavor.  With Kansas being a solid Republican voting state, you have your work cut out for you.


2 thoughts on “Dissention in the GOP ranks

    • I doubt it, but you never know. There are Republicans that don’t want Deal in office, but they’re not going to announce support for Carter. That would be political suicide in Georgia.


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