How NOT to win arguments and impress your family

From Michigan Live:

A 51-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the face after she slammed the butt end of a shotgun on the floor, causing it to discharge, the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Deputies were called about 10 a.m. Monday, July 14, to a house on Waterman in Fremont Township for a report of a gunshot victim.

Upon arrival, deputies found that a family dispute had taken place and the victim, a 51-year-old woman, told officers that she had taken a shotgun out to “make a point.”

She told police she slammed the butt end on the floor, the gun discharged, and she was shot in the face.

There’s a couple of issues here that I see fault with.  First of all, you don’t pull a gun out unless you intend to use it.  What kind of family debate was going on that necessitated the introduction of a loaded shotgun?  I don’t think this is what Joe Biden had in mind when he made his statement about using a shotgun for home defense.  If you’re arguing with family and you think you need a gun to make a point, then you need to step away from the argument and do something to calm yourself down.

Next thing, why would you slam a loaded gun down on the floor with the barrel pointing up at you?  That’s basically the equivalent of putting Darwin on speed dial.  I don’t understand the callousness that people have with loaded weapons.

The story says that she will survive, but I imagine there will be physical and emotional scars left over.  This isn’t the first “accidental discharge” of a shotgun, and it will unfortunately not be the last either.  At what point do we stop long enough to read the news and heed the lessons learned from others before we stop repeating the same thing over and over?


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