One year anniversary at WordPress

first anniversary

Wow, one year is in the books here.  I guess the old saying is true that time flies when you’re having fun.

I started this to vent and flesh out things that I read in other places without flooding the comment sections on different websites.  I didn’t really expect or seek an audience, but somehow, people have found me anyway.  I guess that there are more than 2-3 people who don’t mind reading what I have to think.

I guess my goal for the next year would be to actually try to increase the quality of my posts and the readership as well.  I’m not really out to seek any notoriety or anything, but I’ve been able to chat with some interesting people because of WordPress.

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning, I really and truly appreciate it.  Josef, if you catch this, I probably wouldn’t have done this without you convincing me that it was a worthwhile endeavor.  Hillbilly D, thanks for your wisdom.  I missed chatting with you after you departed Jay’s, but I completely understand why you left.  Everyone else who leave comments here, Joe H. Mama, dB, TBS, TBG, GMare, Dunwoody Granny, Kamchak, Stevie Ray, @@, and anyone that I missed, I appreciate the input, even if we don’t agree.  It’s nice to hear opinions away from the nauseating crap you find elsewhere.

I’m going to try to do better by my posting in the coming year as well.  Instead of the usual late night posting, I’ll probably delay it to post the next morning.  I usually write at night because that’s the only time I have to myself.  With two girls and another baby on the way, time will soon be at a premium.  Even then, I’ll still try to post something every day.  There’s always something going on that I’ve read and had a WTF moment, whether a good one or bad.

To those who pass through and read, feel free to comment as well.  I try to be good with responses to comments posted here, even if it’s just to say that I agree or disagree.




8 thoughts on “One year anniversary at WordPress

  1. Brosephus, you & your blog are a special treat for me. You not only provide a perspective unavailable to me as a White woman/grandmother, but also bring back to me memories of coping with/loving/enjoying my own young children. Happy 1st birth/blog day. 🙂


  2. Thanks!!! My birthday is actually coming up soon too!!! Glad to know that I can give you a different perspective. I’ll probably give you something to seriously think about later on this week when I address a few milestone anniversaries that took place last week.

    I took a holiday and didn’t post. That was a bad mistake because I’ve already written two posts since this one. 🙂


  3. The thing that makes this place interesting for me is the lack of the silly BS, that is at most other places. People pretty much stick to their opinions here.


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