Does this sound familiar?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, the Speaker of the House is going to sue the president for the way he’s governing America.  If it sound’s familiar, that’s because Rep. Boehner became the 2nd Speaker of the House in a row to threaten such a lawsuit.

From CBS News:

“On one matter after another during his presidency, President Obama has circumvented the Congress through executive action, creating his own laws and excusing himself from executing statutes he is sworn to enforce – at times even boasting about his willingness to do it, as if daring the America people to stop him,” Boehner said. He warned that allowing the pattern to continue unchecked ” shifts the balance of power decisively and dangerously in favor of the presidency, giving the president king-like authority at the expense of the American people and their elected legislators.”

I guess he’s trying to one-up the previous speaker who threatened to sue the president over signing statements.  This lawsuit reeks of stupidity, if for nothing else, Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders to date than any previous two-term president signed in their first term.  Based on information I found, Obama’s signed two more EOs to date in his 1.5 term in office than Bush 41 signed in his one term and one less EO than Gerald Ford signed in his single term.  The numbers may have since changed as the information was current as of January 2014.  If what Obama is doing will dangerously shift the balance of power in DC, then what in the hell was going on for the previous 200 years?

Presidential EOs

Is this what we’re reduced to as Americans?  Damn, at least legislators in other countries just square off and fight each other.  Think of all the tax dollars we could save if Democrats and Republicans just went to blows to settle their differences instead of doing these stupid and expensive stunts instead?  Hell, I’d buy a seat to see some of them go toe to toe against each other.  It’s not like they’re going to tarnish the reputation of Congress any more than they’ve already done.  According to a recent Gallup poll, “Americans’ confidence in Congress has sunk to a new low. Seven percent of Americans say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress as an American institution, down from the previous low of 10% in 2013. This confidence is starkly different from the 42% in 1973, the first year Gallup began asking the question.” 

Maybe a fight or two could be the spark to get Congress back into the good graces of Americans.  Then again, simply doing their job without all the partisan BS will likely achieve the same result.  Pulling the stupid “sue the president” trick ain’t the way to do it though.  Pelosi figured it out, and only time will tell how long it takes for Boehner to figure it out as well.


5 thoughts on “Does this sound familiar?

  1. Maybe we could/should bring back dueling. At least it would probably be cheaper for us taxpayers. How much could a pair of pistols & a coffin cost compared to what Speaker Boehner is proposing?


    • That idea is much cheaper, and I think you’d find that members of Congress would leave the dumbassery alone much faster. We could even get fancy with gold plated pistols and come out cheaper.



  2. Y’know, in the 2006 midterms, Boehner went from being Majority Leader and the #2 Republican in the House (behind Speaker Dennis Hastert) to being Minority Leader and technically the #1 Republican. So since President Bush was still issuing his I’m Not Following This Legislation You Passed documents — I mean Signing Statements — at the time, how come Boehner didn’t get his skivvies in an uproar about THAT?

    My recommendation: If Boehner moves on his threat, the OH Democratic Party should pursue similar charges against Boehner himself, asking Congresscritters Beatty (D-Columbus), Kaptur (D-Toledo), Fudge (D-Cleveland) or Ryan (D-Akron) to lead the way. All those Dems are in safe districts, having won by at LEAST 12 points (Fudge won her seat by a 30-point margin), whereas the only GOP House member from Ohio to win by more than 8 or 9 points is Boehner himself. Most OH Republicans only won by 3-5 points, meaning they don’t have a lot of room to push back without worrying about their own re-elections.

    Boehner’s allowed what, forty-odd bullspit repeal votes against the ACA, knowing that even if it passed, President Obama would veto any such measure, yet he persisted. So what room does Boehner have to make such charges?

    I presume that one of the things Boehner is upset about is immigration enforcement. Well, we all know that ICE under Obama deported more aliens from 2009-2013 than it did during the entire Bush Administration. And as far as Obama supposedly flouting the law goes, all he did was to formalize existing ICE policy — which was to focus on undocumented immigrants who were wanted for or suspected of serious crimes, simply because ICE didn’t have the funding and resources necessary to do everything that Congressional immigration hawks wanted done. In short, ICE used its limited resources to go after the *worst* undocumented immigrants and not the quiet ones who were behaving themselves. Here’s the ICE Morton Memo that lays the policy out:

    I don’t know about you, but if ICE only has funds to catch one undocumented alien, I’d much rather they pick up Jorge the drug dealer and burglar instead of Esequiel the dishwasher at Red Lobster. If Congress wants both of them detained and deported, then maybe they should authorize enough funding for ICE to be able to do that.

    So go ahead, Mr. Speaker. I’m pretty sure you’ll wind up crying again if you go down this road.


    • I don’t know of many people who would rather have the criminal on the loose while the day laborer gets caught and deported. Ideally, you can claim to want both caught, but we don’t live on planet Ideal, we live on planet Earth. Ideal costs money, and the penny pincher party has not the balls to fund what they claim to want.


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