The public execution of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Google Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s name, and you’re undoubtedly going to find thousands upon thousands of articles that cover the gamut of opinions of his release from Afghanistan.  I’ve posted comments about my view on different websites, so I may as well post them here.

This is NOT the time to put this soldier on public trial.  Let him get the medical help that he needs first.  Our military is more than capable of investigating the nature of his disappearance without any help from armchair generals and such.  As a country, we should be happy that he didn’t end up on the business end of some tribesman’s sword or axe.

Sure, there are questions about his disappearance, and fellow soldiers who were there with him seem to have no problem with discussing this even though they’ve signed a non-disclosure clause saying they wouldn’t discuss the issue.  If there is some urgent issue of national security, then that’s one thing to violate a non-disclosure agreement.  However, if’ it’s just because you’re pissed off, then I don’t agree with breaking that agreement, no matter how urgent the need appears to be.  Whatever happened there will be investigated by the Army, and I’m sure they’ll deal with any necessary punishment that’s accorded.

Also, quit speculating about the guy if you don’t know him.  Based on what’s been released by him, he could have had a mental breakdown.  There’s the possibility that he could have simply been a deserter.  For all we know, he could have walked off to take a sh*t and ended up getting captured.  Better yet for the conspiracy nuts, he could have been a CIA plant to embed with the Taliban to learn their structure and operations.  Who knows?

As for his father and family, leave them the hell alone too.  I don’t know of any man who would not do whatever it took to get their child back home alive if their child were in that same situation.  I would love to see the first guy who would ever make the claim that they would have left their child there to rot, as some have suggested.  I’d hook that person up to a lie detector test to embarrass him in front of the whole world.

To Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, I wish you a full and speedy recovery from whatever ails you.  To his family, I hope and pray the man who returns home is as close as possible to the one who left.  To the speculators and judge-jury-executioners that have already convicted this guy, give it a damn break and let the Army investigators do their job first.  That’s what we pay our taxes for.

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4 thoughts on “The public execution of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

  1. I know you said not to speculate, Bro, but I have to say this. The statement his former unit commander made was very correct. He said the right things. But the men who served in the unit with Bergdahl, his former peers, to a man were unkind and disparaging. They all mentioned how weird he was, how he didn’t fit in. I thought, if I found myself in a situation like that, surrounded by hostility where I lived and worked, it might make the enemy start to look pretty good to me, too.

    Whatever the reason for his capture — whether he was a traitor, a nut case, a bullied boy, or simply a man who picked the wrong tree to pee on — I’m glad he’s back. I rejoice for his family. I’m proud of our president for doing the right thing.


    • I hear you. Listening to CNN for a minute today, they said that he was beaten by the Taliban and fought back before he was taken away. This doesn’t sound like a traitor to me.

      I’m honestly curious whether the CIA will try to use him to better understand the group he was with. He’s learned the language, their mannerisms, and many more things that no spy could ever observe. Thinking along this line makes me feel that he won’t serve a day in lockup if he’s determined to be a valuable asset.


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