Georgia Primary Day

Tomorrow is primary election day here in Georgia.  Does anybody have a coin I can borrow for my coin tosses?  After reviewing the different candidates and their positions, I don’t have a clue as to where my votes will go.  I’m not really sold on any candidates from any party at this point, so the best option I see is a coin toss.  First toss will decide whether I go with the Republican or Democratic Primary ballot, and then I’ll be flipping like there’s no tomorrow afterwards.


This is my 200th post, and I would have thought that mark would have been spent discussing something of great significance.  Oh well…

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6 thoughts on “Georgia Primary Day

  1. I don’t really have a choice of party, if I want to vote in my local elections. Personally, I think all local and probably most (if not all) state offices should have non-partisan elections. I think even though he was a hypocrite about it, George Washington’s remarks about political parties in his Farewell Address were dead on. As I see it, they do some harm and no real good. I think parties really only matter to the team players and the folks who view everything through a political lens, anyway.

    Some of the races, I may not even vote in, as it’s a choice of which side of your head you prefer to be shot in. So I’ll pick and choose, vote for some and not for others and let it go at that.

    “Laugh about it, shout about it when you’ve got to choose
    Every way you look at it, you lose”
    Paul Simon


    • My area is one sided as well when it comes to politics. The local races are more of my concern, and if you choose the wrong primary, then you’re pretty much shut out of the decision making. This is the first time in a while that I have had no enthusiasm about voting. I’ll sit back and watch my daughter get excited about it.


  2. Echo the both of you; I do wish we had non-partisan primaries. Most years, the missus and I play spoiler and vote for the freakiest Republicans in the primaries, hoping to cause a really interesting runoff between one serious candidate and one moon-howling conserva-nutter. But this time, we agreed that whoever comes out on top among the Republicans, we’re at least likely to lose Broun and Gingrey altogether, plus one or both of Handel and Kingston, so whichever way the GOP primary goes, we win. My wife observed that maybe if Handel loses, she can go find another women’s charity to fly into the side of a mountain like she did after her last electoral failure.

    Anyway, we’re not even voting this go-round, which is very unusual for us. That said, I do hope to be able to vote for Mr. Carter and Ms. Nunn in the fall.


  3. Since NorthGAHillbilly included a song lyric, I feel compelled to do likewise.

    “Take all the leaders from around the world”
    “Put them together in a great big ring”
    “Tell everybody it’s the Greatest Show On Earth”
    “Then make them fight like hell to see who’s King.”


  4. Was trying to find results for my local elections. (It’s after midnight). In years past, you could find county by county results on the GA Secretary of State’s website. Since the last election, they’ve redone the website and I can’t seem to find them. Nice going, boys.

    According to what little I can find, it appears the natives are somewhat restless and seem to have kicked a few to the curb, up here in the Hills.


    • I could only find the major races being covered by the AJC last night. Most of my local people were unchallenged, so I hope there’s an opposition candidate for the general election.


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