Can you have too much horn in rock music?

I’m taking a cruise next year, and I would love to sail out into the ocean like this.  Phil Spector had his famous “Wall of Sound”, but I don’t think that can hold the jock strap of Hamburg’s Harbor of Sound.  The captain of the MSC Magnifica has likely turned his ship into THE ship to sail on for fans of the White Stripes after this performance.  This was part of the 825th anniversary of the port of Hamburg celebration.   I don’t know if Seven Nation Army will ever sound the same again.  Well, let’s see anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Can you have too much horn in rock music?

  1. My iPad isn’t cooperating with YouTube links tonight, but google “tesla coils house of the rising sun” and give a listen. You’ll see links to other Tesla coil arrangements on the YouTube page, but I think “House of the Rising Sun” is the most dramatic.


    • I couldn’t pull this up on any of my mobile devices. It was worth waiting to get on the pc to see. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll have to check out the other ones. I would have never thought about using tesla coils to play music.


  2. Oingo Boingo says no, you cannot possibly have too much horn in your rockin’.

    I submit for your consideration the long version of “Dead Man’s Party.”

    And to date myself even further, what about Chicago? Chicago! CHICAGO!!!

    “25 Or 6 To 4?” “Make Me Smile?” “Saturday In The Park?” “Questions 67 And 68?” Dude, there were horns *all over* the 1970s version of Chicago.


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