Please pay attention when driving

As a person who lost a dear loved one because of a traffic accident, please pay attention while driving.  The life you save may be your own.  Accidents, such as this one, are very sad to hear about, and they are extremely painful when it involves someone you know and love

I know we’re all guilty of doing something else while driving, and even I’ve been guilty of that in the past.  One second is all it takes for something bad to happen.  A sudden loss of a loved one is very hard to deal with, so don’t put your family or friends in that situation.

Don’t text and drive.  In many states, it is illegal.  If it’s very important, then pull over to the side of the road where it’s safe to use your phone.  If it’s not that important, then let it wait until you reach your destination or somewhere safe to respond.


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2 thoughts on “Please pay attention when driving

  1. It’s illegal but people do it anyway. Everybody just has to hope you’re not in the cross-hairs when something happens.

    People still get killed driving around cross arms at railroad tracks because they don’t have time to wait for a train to pass.

    Humans are something I’ll never understand.


    • Humans are something I’ll never understand.

      I’m not sold on the idea that anybody will ever understand them either. I think I spend more time looking out for others when driving instead of focusing on what’s going on inside my own vehicle. I’ve seen some crazy stuff while driving, and I think the only reason I haven’t been in an accident thus far is because I’m always driving defensively.


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