The religious argument for Single Payer

It’s one thing to have your beliefs and want to live according to them.  It’s something entirely different to try to force your beliefs onto others, some of whom likely do not share your same belief system.  This whole ordeal about religious freedom in regards to health care decisions is something I think will be the ultimate catalyst to push us into a Single Payer system.

When it comes to the Hippocratic Oath, there is indeed a part that speaks on abortion.

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

According to Wikipedia, a pessary is “a medical device inserted into the vagina, either to provide structural support, or as a method of delivering medication.”  Unless a woman has an issue with taking birth control pills, she is not inserting them into her vagina at all.  When you look at the “modern” Hippocratic Oath, there is no mention of abortion at all.

We don’t live in a theocratic society.  There are many who like to think this country was founded and built on a particular belief system, but our founders ensured that our government could not favor one religion over the others so that they could all be practiced equally.  How do we determine which religious belief system decides what happens here?  There are many different religions recognized by the federal government, and they all have quite a few followers.

I think we’re stepping a bit too far over the line when we start trying to dictate what medications can be prescribed to people we don’t know or have any intent of knowing.  I wasn’t a big fan of Single Payer initially.  I have since come to the conclusion that is the only way we can ensure people can get the medical care they need without other people stomping on their rights in the process.  America is all about freedom, and these actions are the most anti-freedom things any American could ever do to another.  As a Christian, I think it’s time to quit allowing other followers to use religion as a means of controlling those who do not need to be controlled.


Catholic healthcare firm tells doctors at Oklahoma facility to stop prescribing birth control (via Raw Story )

Birth control access for women in Oklahoma and several other states will be cut short as part of a new directive by a Catholic-affiliated healthcare firm that recently acquired another company. The Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise reported on Monday…

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