A picture’s worth a thousand words.

I came across this picture today while surfing the internet.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words can you get from a captioned group of pictures?

The student dormitory is at the Goce Delchev University in Skopje, Macedonia.  According to Wikipedia, Goce Delchev University is the second ranked school in the country.  You would never guess the living conditions inside that dormitory by just looking at the exterior.  I hope this is something that was photographed long ago and has since been worked on.  Hopefully the classroom conditions and education are much better.  Click on the above photo to take a tour of the dorm, or you can lick the first related article link for the same set of photographs.

I will never, ever talk bad about the dorms at my alma mater.  I promise!!

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One thought on “A picture’s worth a thousand words.

  1. The thought crossed my mind while looking at those pictures that while the conditions may be awful (judging by the pics) and the students might not be able to fix the plumbing, etc, they could probably clean the bathrooms, if they really wanted to. (Especially in the rooms that have their own bathrooms).

    As for the cold taters, they don’t taste too good but they won’t hurt you. I knew a man who spent time in a German POW camp and he said the Germans ate the potatoes and the prisoners ate the peelings. He said if ever got home, he was never going to eat another damn potato as long as he lived and to the best of my knowledge, he never did.

    As for the Norwegian prison, that’s a bit over the top, in my opinion. Prison doesn’t need to be barbaric but it doesn’t need to be pleasant, either.


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