Friday Funny 1-17-14

I haven’t quite figured out what’s up with Brazil, but I do know they love tv shows with pranks.  If you came up to a button in a park that said to push it, would you?  They did, and I don’t think anybody ever expected the results they got especially the person in the wheelchair at the 3 minute mark.  I only wish I could read and speak Portuguese so that I could laugh even harder.

Enjoy and have a safe weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 1-17-14

  1. I gotta find that for Facebook!

    Long time ago I was in a parking lot, at my car, looking at an exotic car parked nearby. Kid was walking toward the store with a parent – he was about 8, had that cocky, full of himself attitude. He stopped by the car, but his hand towards it and this mechanical voice said “stay away from the car.” He jumped back, then put out his hand and got the same message. The kid looked around, rushed in, made a fist and went ‘bam! bam! bam!’ on the car as more sirens than I’d every heard went off. He went running off towards his mom.

    He’s the kid who would’ve pushed the button in the park.


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