Advertising movies ain’t like it used to be

This weekend, there’s a new movie hitting the theaters called Devil’s Due.  As a promotion for the movie, the people who made the movie set up a hilarious prank on unsuspecting people strolling the sidewalks of New York.  This seems like the beginning of a new trend for movie promos.  I don’t think the billing posters will disappear, but in an instant gratification society, this has to be a great way to build excitement for your movie.

In a little longer than one day, this YouTube video has gained more than 13 million hits.  As funny as it is, it is not the first one.  The crew that did the most recent remake of the horror classic Carrie did the same style promo set up inside a coffee shop.

The NFL may be shaking in their boots just a wee bit as it’s much cheaper to do this kind of promo clip as opposed to paying for 30 seconds of Super Bowl TV time.  The only Super Bowl commercials that I have watched as much as these videos were the Terrible Terry Tate:  Office Linebacker series that advertised Reebok.

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2 thoughts on “Advertising movies ain’t like it used to be

  1. This is all fun and games until somebody gets an eye put out. 😉

    I can see one of these things catching somebody on a bad day and, as Gordon Solie would say, pandemonium breaking loose.


    • LOL!!! We talked about that at work today and came to the conclusion that they choose New York because people would get shot in the South. There’s one of these pranks with a snowman where a person knocks the crap out of the prankster. I’ll have to post that one soon.


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