It’s election season already

Rep. Paul Broun: Democrats need ‘illegal aliens’ to win in Georgia (via Raw Story )

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) said on Tuesday that Democrats will never be able to regain a majority in Georgia without enlisting the votes of “illegal aliens.” According to Georgia Public Broadcasting, the arch conservative ex-physician believes that…

I don’t generally get deep enough into the campaigns to advocate or endorse any one person, but things may be changing this year.  The Senate election coming in November has the potential of sending someone to Washington DC that will be the ultimate embarrassment to Georgia and America as a whole.  I’m not calling any names or political parties, but some people make it easy to point them out.

In an interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Rep. Broun said, “The only way Georgia is going to change is if we have all these illegal aliens in here in Georgia, and give them the right to vote. It would be morally wrong, it would be illegal to do so, under our current law.”  I guess he didn’t pay attention to the vote totals in Georgia.  It’s not like McCain and Romney took the state with 75% of the vote or some outlandish total.  Both elections were relatively close considering Obama was the Democratic candidate for both elections.

Now, Georgia will likely vote Republican for the time being, and that’s probably understood by most living here.  There are some Georgia voters who would not vote for Jesus Christ himself if his name appeared on the ballot as Jesus Christ (D).  That’s just how things operate for some people.  There’s no thinking involved.  It’s all reflexive action.

From his speech about the “pits of hell” in regards to evolution to this statement, I don’t think Rep. Broun is what Georgia or America needs in the Senate chambers come January of 2015.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that some semblance of common sense engulfs the state of Georgia before the primary to assist us in having decent candidates to choose from in November.  If that common sense waits until November to arrive, it may already be too late.


2 thoughts on “It’s election season already

  1. Among Broun, Gingry, Price, & I forget the other guy – Kingston maybe – Ga voters are going to send another crazy to DC come 2015. Unless, of course, a miracle occurs & we elect Ms. Nunn. I’m not holding my breath ….


    • I don’t hold out much hope for Georgia. Until people quit voting based on the party and look at the candidates, we’ll still end up with sorry choices. The die is cast during the primaries when it’s usually something line 1/10 of the voting public making the decision on who ends up on the ballot.


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