Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all who follow and read my blog.  I’m completely floored that people actually take the time to read my opinion on things.  I know that I’m not the most informed person or most non-biased person in the world, but it’s an honor to know there are people who take the time to read my thoughts whether they disagree or not.

I started this as a way to get things in my head down on paper (or electrons in this case) to ease the clutter in my brain.  That, and I have grown tired of the lack of honest and serious debate on topics that affect us all.  It’s as though many people don’t care about each other anymore, and respect is an extinct idea.

I can’t make any promises that I will write some groundbreaking piece that will change the world, but I can make the promise that I will write what I believe is right.  When and where possible, I will also provide information to back up my viewpoints.

I value thoughts and opinions from anybody and everybody, so feel free to drop a comment or two on any post of your choosing.  I wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2014!!




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