Old: Sharknado. New: Shark Twitter

Just when you thought it was safe to surf the net, sharks are now posting to Twitter.  There’s a group in Australia that has tagged sharks with transmitters that send out tweets whenever they come close to the shore.

The tweets give basic information about the location and size of the shark, but wouldn’t it be funny as hell if there were additional messages that came up?  I don’t do Twitter, but I hear enough to know about hashtags and such.  I guess Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber will be overshadowed by #Imreallyadolphin, #chowtimebaby, or something similar trending on Twitter.

Australian sharks take to Twitter to warn surfers and swimmers of their presence (via Raw Story )

Australian scientists have outfitted almost 400 sharks with transmitters that send automatic warnings, via Twitter, to Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s (SLSWA) Twitter feed. For example, this morning, when a shark ventured into the waters between…

My first reaction when I read this was, “Who’s going to have electronics in the water with them so they can see the tweet from the shark?”  I guess an enterprising person will build surfboards with iPads or other tablets built into the front so the surfer can surf Twitter while riding the waves.  That, or someone will release waterproof smart phones with GPS.

Will there be contests between the sharks to see who can get the most followers?  Will the sharks keep score on who has the most attacks or close calls?

Australia already has enough deadly animals to kill the world twice.  Now, some of them can live tweet their attacks.  Hopefully, their accounts won’t be hacked to send out messages such as “Da… da…  Da… da…  Da da Da da Da da”.  If I had reasons to not travel to Australia before, I think Twitter Sharks puts it over the top.




7 thoughts on “Old: Sharknado. New: Shark Twitter

  1. Are you old enough to remember a SNL bit about sharks knocking on people’s doors pretending to be pizza or flower deliveries? Will research & get back to you…. 🙂


  2. How do we know these sharks aren’t tweeting false locations to improve their chances of securing a meal? 😉

    Just yesterday I heard on the radio that dolphins had figured out a way to get high by passing around pufferfish, so there’s no telling what sharks have figured out how to do.



    • WOW!!! Dolphins getting buzzed. I think the world is coming to the reset time. LOL!!!!!

      I didn’t think about the misdirection possibility. That’s why I don’t swim anywhere I can’t see a concrete or fiberglass bottom.


  3. If memory serves, the 1st Landshark sketch was in the early ’70s, with Chevy Chase as the voice of the shark. 🙂 I used to watch the show every week. Another fav was the church lady, played by Dana Carvey, I think.


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