The best defense is sometimes no defense

Geraldo Rivera: ‘C*cksucking f*ggot’ is not an anti-gay slur if you grew up with it (via Raw Story )

In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Thursday night, Geraldo Rivera defended actor Alec Baldwin’s use of the epithet “c*cksucking f*ggot” in an angry confrontation with a photographer. Rivera was agreeing with host Sean Hannity that…

With all the talk about free speech and such, Geraldo Rivera has taken the art of defense and kicked it in the balls.  I’ve heard all kinds of arguments to defend questionable behavior from people, but this one just takes the cake.

SKLAR[sic]: When I heard about what Alec Baldwin – Alec Baldwin had a history of making these homophobic slurs.

RIVERA: That wasn’t a homophobic slur.

SKLAR[sic]: Okay —

RIVERA: I mean if you grew up where we grew up —

SKYLAR: And yet he is no longer on the network, right?

RIVERA: Sean, Baldwin and I all grew up within ten miles of each other and when we were growing up, in my year especially, those comments were commonplace.


SKLAR[sic]: Things have changed, Geraldo.

RIVERA: You have to give people some slack.

Basically, Rivera is saying that you shouldn’t be held responsible for bad behavior today if it was commonplace back when you were growing up.  So, anybody who lynched a person nowadays shouldn’t be faulted for that if lynching was common when they were growing up.  That there is 100% USDA Grade A Premium Cut Bovine Fecal Matter.

Times change and society’s mores change.  What may have been ok years ago is likely not ok today.  As I said before, I feel these people are well within their rights to speak their minds, even though the stuff they’re saying is downright offensive.  However, when you open your mouth to speak, you should be well prepared for whatever happens as a result.

Rivera should be ashamed for that BS defense of Baldwin, but at least he’s one of very few people who I have even heard attempt any type of defense of him.  If I were Rivera, I wouldn’t be submitting my application to the ABA for that licence to practice law just yet.  With a defense lawyer like that, prison overcrowding would elevate to an art form.



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