People, it’s just a DAMN game

I have been a life long Alabama Crimson Tide football fan.  I can remember watching Paul “Bear” Bryant walking the sidelines in his jacket and trademark hounds-tooth hat.  I can also remember the huge funeral procession he had following his death.  I’ve been there with High Tide from the 1979 Sugar Bowl Championship win with the “Bear” all the way to Saban’s current championship teams.  I was there during Low Tide, when Mike Price was hired in December and fired in May for using the school credit card at a strip club.

I’ve celebrated the victories over the years, and I’ve sulked at many of the defeats.  Nobody likes losing, Alabama fans included.  Most will likely agree that losing to anybody other than Auburn is tolerable while a loss to Auburn is the worst thing ever.

The Alabama/Auburn rivalry is unlike any other rivalry in this country.  Many schools have a true rivalry, but the Alabama/Auburn matchup usually devolves into what would be best described as unadulterated hatred.  That said, this year’s reactions have gone way, way too far, and it’s time for someone to say “Enough is Enough!”

The placekicker has received death threats via Twitter.  What’s likely the worst response, however, happened in Hoover, Alabama after the game.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. –  A woman charged with killing a fellow Alabama fan after the end of last weekend’s Iron Bowl football game was angry that the victim and others didn’t seem upset over the Crimson Tide’s loss to archrival Auburn, said the sister of the slain woman.

Adrian Laroze Briskey, 28, was charged Monday with murder in the killing of 36-year-old Michelle Shepherd.

Hoover police Capt. Jim Coker said both Birmingham women were Alabama fans and at the same party for the annual game between intrastate rivals. With no time left on the clock, Auburn returned a missed Crimson Tide field goal more than 100 yards for a 34-28 victory, dashing any hopes of Alabama playing for a third straight national championship.

The sad part about that is that Shepherd’s sister, Neketa Shepherd, was right there and witnessed the entire incident.  She was with her sister as she took her last breath.  “My sister took her last breath in my arms,” said 31-year-old Neketa Shepherd. “I heard her take her last breath and I knew she was gone.”

That is taking things waaaayyy too seriously.  People have to get a grip on things.  As Herm Edward said, “We play to win the game”, and that’s what the teams are supposed to do.  No team, however, will go undefeated forever.  There will be losses, even losses to bitter rivals.  That’s no reason to go bat shiite crazy though.  It’s just a game.  There will be another one played next year.  That’s when you get your revenge, on the field of play, and not in the field of life.

C’mon Bama fans.  Act like you have class instead of being an ass.


8 thoughts on “People, it’s just a DAMN game

  1. BroC, I read that story and said the same. I love my Phil Eagles, but not enough to kill for. Human life is so devalued these days. This dovetails with the madness in N Ga, with the Alzheimer’s dude getting shot.


    • TBG

      I was speechless when I first heard the story. I thought my folks at home were joking. We take that rivalry seriously, but there is a line that marks the point of too far, and I think we’ve crossed it now.


    • True, and I think it’s human nature to a point of living vicariously through others. We all do it at some point or another. Some of my fellow Alabamians are taking it way too far though.


  2. Very well said. I’m not really a follower of college football, baseball is my game, but it’s all the same. I hope my team wins and am happy if they do. If they lose, I’m disappointed for about 5 minutes and then I get on with my life. I have sense enough to know that when I wake up the next morning, the results of the game will have had absolutely no effect on my life going forward, whatsoever.

    I have to wonder (and haven’t heard) if drugs or alcohol was involved in this. That’s another story for another day, though.


    • That’s just how we do it in Alabama. I’ve tried to explain the Alabama/Auburn rivalry to outsiders, but I don’t think people really understand it until they spend time inside the state of Alabama in the fall.

      There’s rivalry, there’s hate for a rival, and then there’s Alabama/Auburn. 🙂


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