Stop The Press: Racism is over

GOP Rosa Parks

According to the Republican National Committee’s Twitter feed, racism has ended in America.  I don’t know if this is all a part of the GOP’s outreach towards minorities, but if it is, they need to get a better message writer.

If Rosa Parks helped to end racism, how does the RNC explain the lynching of Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama in 1981?  If Rosa Parks helped to end racism, how does the RNC explain an Alabama man being indicted for a 2009 cross burning incident in Ozark, Alabama?  If questioned, I seriously doubt the RNC would have an explanation for either question as they both rely on the bogus idea that racism has ended in the United States.  This country was forged with racism enshrined within the founding documents of this country, so it will take much more than what happened in the 1960s to rid this country of racism.

Maybe the RNC needs to get in touch with the Louisiana GOP so they can see how dumb that tweet makes them look, regardless to what their intent was.

In Baton Rouge, there is an impending fight over the creation of the city of St. George.  That city would encompass the areas of Baton Rouge occupied by the affluent, middle class citizens while leaving the poor, urban area of Baton Rouge to fend for itself.  The idea is being pushed as a way for the people to form their own school system to get away from the under performing district and create a safe school system for their children.  What’s not being said has more to do with the Black/White and poor/affluent issues within the city.  It’s probably not being said because, as we all know, racism has ended.

Now, back out from Baton Rouge a bit to the state level, and Louisiana has another issue the RNC may want to get involved with, since racism has ended.  As we all know, the SCOTUS ruling on the Voting Rights Act basically opened the floodgates for the redistricting and voter laws that have been passed in a flurry since.  Now that the states that previously had to get approval from the Justice Department no longer have to do so, they feel they are free to pull whatever shenanigans they want.

With the approval of their newly drawn district map, Louisiana will take gerrymandering to the next level.  The new District 2 will encompass New Orleans and Baton Rouge packing most of the Black vote into one district.  I guess this is the GOP’s version of creating harmony within the Black community in Louisiana as the majority will all be within one district in the state, freeing up the rest of the state to the White and likely Republican voters.  I love the way that the 2nd District is almost completely within the 6th District.  Let them tell it, and they’ll likely say there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, yeah, racism has ended.  Thank you Rosa Parks.


7 thoughts on “Stop The Press: Racism is over

    • I think it’s comical. Nothing says, “I’m completely out of touch with Black Americans” like today’s GOP. I’m starting to feel sorry for them though, as it’s like watching Charlie Brown try to kick that football being held by Lucy.


  1. This map doesn’t look much better, although some states look better than others.

    Georgia’s districts are also a mess, in my opinion. The system will never change, though, as both parties make deals to insure that each side has a certain number of “safe” seats. Personally, I think it should be divided geographically, as much as possible.


    • About the only one with multiple districts that appear somewhat organized is Iowa. They have a non-partisan commission draw up districts that are pretty equal. The way they do things in Iowa doesn’t devolve into the partisan fighting of gaining the upper-hand. They pretty much leave things into the hands of the voters. As a result, their representation is usually pretty balanced.


  2. I think the federal government should take the lead in drawing districts. There should be a commission much like the base closing commission, with members appointed by the president for staggered terms of eight years so no president can truly pack it. There should be 15 members; three at a time will be chosen at random for each state, and that state’s governor will add two more members so districting in each state will be determined by a committe of five, two local and three federal. But all the committee should really do is make minor edits to maps the commission’s staff generates by computer. They should be able to decide whether Doraville has more in common with Chamblee or Norcross, for instance, but they shouldn’t be allowed to draw the kinds of fanciful patterns the state legislatures now draw.


    • There have been multiple people produce computer programs that could and would produce better balanced districts using geographical outlines instead of packing voters based on party affiliation. I don’t have a problem with that idea, but I could see where some would have issue with the federal government being in charge. You know the South is pretty notorious about their dislike of over reaching federal power.


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