The most epic of splits

I just came across this video by way of Slothed (thanks for posting it).  This has got to be one of the best commercials ever for a vehicle, and I think it will be hard to top.  Kudos to Jean-Claude van Damme and Volvo Trucks.

This is the behind the scenes video that was posted prior to the release of the actual video.  Check van Damme’s face when the details of the stunt is explained to him.  I’ve tried to find behind-the-scenes info, but so far I haven’t found anything to say whether this was photo-shopped or if it was really filmed live.  Either way, that is one hell of a stunt.

[Edit]  After watching it a few more times, I am more inclined to think that it was filmed live.  I’ve driven a Freightliner delivery van before, so I have a wee bit of experience with driving trucks.  I was trying to figure out how they were able to separate the two trucks in reverse without the trailers going haywire.  Looking closely at the video, the truck on the left (van Damme’s right) is not pushing a trailer at all.  It’s a delivery van style truck, so it would be able to turn without any issues.

Watch the lines on the road, and you will see the truck on the right does not deviate from it’s path.  That truck is pushing a trailer, which is a feat all it’s on considering that it’s moving in reverse.  That Volvo steering system has to be one bad assed piece of equipment to do that.  I’ve always been a driver of domestic vehicles, but after seeing this, I wouldn’t mind taking a Volvo out for a spin or two.  I’d still have to keep a Freightliner or Kenworth nearby though.  Gotta keep the image up!!


7 thoughts on “The most epic of splits

  1. I think it’s real, too. They painted the lines very carefully so the distance would be exactly right if the two drivers stuck carefully to the lines, and as you say, Brosephus, only the smaller truck’s course changes. We don’t have any idea what the speed was. It’s meant to look like 60 and it might well have been 6. Still took real precision for the drivers to start so smoothly and maintain such a straight line, and I am very impressed Von Damme still has that kind of balance. Wonderful to watch.

    Brosephus, did you watch any of the reports about Batkid in San Francisco? If not, get yourself a box of Kleenex, google “Batkid San Francisco”, and sit down to watch. What a wonderful story! I’ve been trying to drill down and find out who the actors were and where they got the Batcars. I’ve found conflicting information and haven’t gotten the details I wanted, except that a social marketing firm called Clever Girls Collective recruited most of the crowds on the street.


    • I read the reports and stuff, and you’re right about the reaction to that one. Things like that make me reassess my pessimism about our society and the lack of compassion for others. I haven’t seen much on the behind-the-scenes, but like most everything else, that info will eventually get out. People can’t keep much of anything a secret anymore.


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