Election Day 2013 thread

In an odd stroke of luck, my off day coincides with Election Day this year.  This year marks an upgrade in my usual routine.  It’s usually and my now 5-year-old that makes the drive to the polling place, but this year, we’re going to use the double stroller to accommodate the 8 month old and her first trip to the polls outside of the womb.  She was there with my wife last fall at the polls, and she also made the trip with us to DC for the inauguration in January.

The only vote in my area is for a SPLOST, or Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.  That’s basically Georgia’s way of doing what the government is supposed to do but refuses to do because our conservative legislators are too chickens**t to pass the necessary legislation to raise and appropriate the funding necessary to keep basic services and infrastructure going.  Once we go and cast our single vote, we’ll come home to watch the slew of interesting races across the country to see what’s on the minds of other citizens across the US.  There are several races worth watching today for differing reasons.

  • Virginia Governor’s Race:  Here, you have an establishment Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe, running against the Tea Party candidate Ken Cuccinelli.  This one will give an idea of how well the super-duper conservative message sells on the open market.  To add things off, the GOP’s Lt. Governor candidate, E. W. Jackson, has been a magnet for controversy himself because of the things he’s said out on the campaign.
  • New Jersey Governor’s Race:  The outcome is almost a given that Chris Christie will walk away with this one.  What I’m interested in seeing is how hard the corporate media tries to sell him off as the “Moderate” Republican.  His views are quite conservative, and his actions are sometimes more pragmatic than simply following the conservative rhetoric.  He is not, however, moderate in any sense of the word.    *h/t dB
  • Texas and North Carolina:  Texas’ new Voter ID law will get its first test today.  It remains to see whether things will go smoothly or will the accusations of suppression play out as predicted.  I don’t know if North Carolina’s law will be in effect today, so I will watch for early returns to see if that is indeed the case.
  • Alabama 1st Congressional District primary:  This primary between establishment candidate, Bradley Byrne, and a slew of other candidates including Dean Young, whom I’ve written about before here.  This one has the appearance of being another battle for control within the GOP as Byrne is running against several others who are courting the Tea Party faithful.

There are other elections going on, such as mayoral elections for New York and Boston amongst others.  Of all the races today, the one I’m most interested in is everything in Texas as I’m interested in how big of an issue their Voter ID law will be.  If North Carolina’s law is in effect, their races will be just as interesting to see as Texas.  Now, it’s time to go take my girls to show them why the first Tuesday in November is a very important day.

Update 11:45pm EST

Christie takes New Jersey…  No surprise there and as I expected, the talking heads are acting as though he’s a moderate politician.  I guess they’ll try to next convince us that snow and ice is hot as hell.

McAuliffe projected in Virginia…  No Tea Party governor there.  Nary a peep all night about the Lt. Gov race as the spread is at 10%.

New York elects first Democrat mayor since the 80s.

Alabama 1st Congressional District GOP Runoff…  Byrne projected winner there, but the TPer wasn’t very far behind.  Looks like a civil war may be on the horizon for the control of the GOP.

Haven’t seen anything yet positive or negative about the new Voter ID laws.  I guess that will take time to analyze.


6 thoughts on “Election Day 2013 thread

  1. “The only vote in my area is for a SPLOST”

    mine too, but I’m headed to my polling place after work to vote for it as well, this evening.

    “He is not, however, moderate in any sense of the word.”

    Why–just because he’s virulently anti-choice, anti-labor, anti-mass transit, anti-marriage equality AND loses his temper at the drop of a hat? Sounds like a moderate to me!


    • He’s moderate in the sense that he seems to understand he’s not necessarily gonna win those things if he just brings them up for the 43rd time this term. By Republican standards, that’s not too shabby!


    • I can give him credit for sounding moderately sane, but that’s about as far as I can go. The ladies at the polls were surprised to see the little one. We didn’t tell them about her impending arrival when we saw them last fall.


  2. In my opinion I don’t think yesterday’s VA and NJ races told us much in terms of what might take place next year.

    NJ: Expected result. Christie seems to be able to garner votes from across the spectrum so it will be interesting to see how he does if he jumps in the big race for 2016.

    VA: Those folks seem to not get locked in on all Democrat or all Republican when it comes to their governor. Not such a bad thing imo. For that matter NJ although mostly Dem voting for POTUS doesn’t get too locked in either.

    Folks from both sides want to make to much out of the results in terms of 2014. A year is a long time in politics. Both parties and politicians in the parties have plenty of time to fall on their faces.


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