One of the reasons our government is broken

How many of these meaningless hearings does Congress need to have before somebody says “ENOUGH!!”?  When I call them meaningless, my point is that, until the CIA has to testify about their involvement and activities in Libya, we are not going to have a clue as to what really transpired beyond unsubstantiated heresy.  No matter what questions they ask of State Department personnel or military personnel, they will not uncover anything substantial or worthwhile to satisfy their desire to “find out what really happened”.  I think the fact that they have NOT called for CIA people to testify lets you know that they don’t really want to find out the truth.  Up until Rep. Chaffetz outed the CIA during their initial hearings, nobody knew the CIA was involved in Benghazi.

When it comes to what happened in Benghazi, that was a very tragic incident for those who lost their lives there.  I don’t want to make light of their lives or the heartbreak that it brought to their families.

I can’t answer for others, but I find it insulting for Sen. Lindsey Graham to block nominations for people and positions that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Benghazi just to score political points.  If he’s not calling on CIA personnel to testify, then he’s wasting everybody’s time.  I seriously doubt that any CIA personnel would testify anyway, and I seriously doubt that any committee would issue subpoenas for them to testify.

Most people don’t pay attention to appointed positions, but Obama had more vacant positions after his first term than either of the two prior presidents.  The last thing Obama, and America, needs is even more problems with getting positions filled.  For his part, Obama should be nominating people left and right to fill those vacancies although he may have his hands tied dealing with other issues.  I doubt that the Baltimore Ravens would have won the Super Bowl last year if they had decided to go all season without filling the running back, middle linebacker, and strong safety positions, so why would any president go without filling the positions necessary to operate the government effectively?

For their part, the Senate should get back to “advise and consent”.  When America elects a president, that president deserves to put people in place to help him run his administration.  If there is a serious issue like criminal matters or something dealing with national security, then the Senate should rightfully advise the president to go with another pick.  That said, the Senate shouldn’t use their power to play politics just to be obstinate jerks.

What goes around tends to come back around, and that goes double in politics.  For all the crap the GOP has thrown at Obama, they should invest in scented ponchos to keep the stench off themselves once all of it boomerangs back.  I would hope that the Democrats in DC would be the bigger man and operate with dignity.  At the same time, I would not shed a tear for the GOP if their next president caught as much, if not more, hell that they’ve thrown at Obama.

I don’t recall anybody running a campaign saying “Elect me, and I’ll be the biggest d**k ever and screw America”.  Why we tolerate politicians to act that way after all their sugary promises to do “good deeds” is beyond me.  I’m like Santa in that I make my list and check it twice.  I don’t waste a vote on people who make the naughty list if I have the option of voting for them.



4 thoughts on “One of the reasons our government is broken

  1. … but Obama had more vacant positions after his first term than either of the two prior presidents.

    That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


  2. On the number of unfilled appointments, I agree with you, what’s gone on is just stupid. Whomever is President should have his appointments confirmed without some mighty good reasons for not confirming. Of course, this game has been going on for 40 years and is just getting worse all the time. Every time a party assumes the Presidency, it becomes tit for tat to make up for what they perceive as having gone on in the past.

    On Benghazi, I think everybody involved should be called to testify. The Administration has done their own bit of game playing in this as well, though. The “it was the movie” line was an insult to our intelligence, in my opinion, and it went on long after they knew it wasn’t so.

    It was obviously a co-ordinated attack (and I said that on that day, by the way). I can understand that you can get attacked, things don’t always go as planned and you can be taken by surprise but they didn’t come clean right to start. If Nixon taught us anything it’s that you need to just tell the truth and take your lumps and most problems will go away.

    And what ever became of the guy who made that Youtube movie? Is he still in jail? He was jailed on some minor unrelated violation but let’s face it. If the attack had never happened, it’s highly doubtful he’d have ever been arrested.


    • I don’t foresee any improvement on the appointment standards. I don’t remember as far back because of age, but I remember some appointments causing all kinds of feathers to get ruffled.

      As for Benghazi, once the CIA was outed in one of the first hearings, I came to the conclusion that we’ll never know what truly transpired. It’s sad to think that the families won’t get closure, but people will take the true events to the grave with them. They should have stated that it was likely terrorist related from the jump. Then, as things progressed, they could have walked that back if needed. In that neck of the woods, most people would have understood jumping to such a conclusion had it been proven wrong.

      The film dude got hit with a probation violation. I think him actually doing that video and posting it violated some previous court order. I haven’t heard anything about him since he was locked up.


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