The best summary written about the shutdown

Now that the government has re-opened and the continuing resolution has been signed, all the talking heads will ply their wares, filling the airwaves with endless chatter about who won and who lost.  By far, the best article I saw written today came from, of all places, Yahoo! News written by Dylan Stableford.  I linked to it just for the sake of linking it, but I am posting it in its entirety as I think it should be read time and time again between now and January 2014.

The title of the article is What America learned from the government shutdown, and I think he honestly captured every single point that America learned.

FireShot Screen Capture #002 - 'What America learned from the government shutdown - Yahoo News' - news_yahoo_com_what-america-learned-from-the-shutdown-024030995_html

Great article, don’t cha think???  I can’t think of anything else to add.


11 thoughts on “The best summary written about the shutdown

  1. Thanks for posting my piece, “Well, They’re Back. Do You Want An Apology, Too?… I really appreciate it. And I’ll be sure to check out the other articles as well. It has been a rough few weeks. Kathy


  2. We’ll have to wait and see, but I think it’s conceivable Obama learned not to open a negotiation with his final offer. In the past he has negotiated like a guy who looks up the dealer price for the car he wants, adds in a reasonable profit, and makes that his opening offer. He winds up paying nearly sticker price every time. Whereas the Rs’ opening offer is that if the dealer will give them three fully loaded, top of the line SUVs and throw in lifetime maintenance and service, they won’t burn the place down. The Rs expected Obama to cave. Maybe not dismantle the program entirely, but stop it in its tracks. I expected him to give up a whole lot more than he did. But he stood his ground for once, and he walked away with the least damage. He’s a bright guy. Maybe he’ll figure it out.

    Otherwise you’re right, and you’re right about what you say at Jay’s place about it not changing the direction of elections. The American people vote for incumbents. Any incumbent who runs will be reflected.


    • I was honestly surprised that Obama didn’t cave. From the time he took office, I’ve said that he has less spine than a gummy bear, but I may have to rethink that now. The GOP and Tea Party have bullied him through his time in office. Unless the voters punish the GOP, they will only get more emboldened.


  3. Brosephus, Mrs. Mama and I have a different take on the President. We think that he picks his battles carefully, and that he is being cagey and patient in his use of the rope-a-dope methodology when it’s needed. In our opinion, he’s only using it when he has to, because he doesn’t want to become predictable to the GOP.

    With respect to punishing the GOP (and TP), I honestly think they’re going to set themselves up for exactly that. If they plan on doing this again in February/March, then they’re only screwing themselves right around the time of the 2014 primaries. Plus, I think that if they try this again, there will be an ideological showdown between the TP, the GOP True Believers and the few rational GOP members still remaining. IMO, a repeat of this month’s governmental cliffhanger would cost conservatives a LOT more, would have a much lower potential return and would also have a poorer chance of being successful.

    So I hope that they go ahead and try it. 😉


    • You and the Mrs. could very well be correct on his style and techniques. I hope that we don’t see a repeat of this next year, but I almost expect it now. I would not shed a tear for the loss of seats to TPers, even if they were replaced by other Republicans just as long as they were sane and sensible Republicans.


  4. Two things you can always count on, the Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot and the Democrats will always overplay their hand. The hell of it is, we’ll be right here again come Spring or whenever it is and we’ll go through the same charade, followed by the inevitable can kicking. And we’ll be treated again to the usual hand wringing that just comes with the territory. As the old song said, “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right……”.

    I don’t really think anybody won but we all know who lost; “same as it ever was”, to quote another lyric.

    And by the way, the shutdown deal included a $2.918 billion for a dam project in Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky (justification: to save $160 million in cancelled contracts) and a $174,000 death benefit to the widow of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (NJ), who at his death was worth approximately $57 million dollars. Most folks can count on $255 for a Social Security burial allowance (if they are the surviving spouse).


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