Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid

One of these days, I’m going to stop reading over at Raw Story.  If I don’t, I think I will end up with a concussion or two from the stuff I end up finding.

Case in point…

Arkansas rib shack sign says Obamacare is America’s punishment for slavery (via Raw Story )

An Arkansas restaurant owner is apologizing after some people were offended by a message he posted on a sign outside his business. A passerby snapped a photo of the sign Friday night that complained that “Obamacare (was) America’s Punishment for…

Talk about a WTF moment??  He’s a business owner who’s using his own property to exercise his First Amendment protected right to free speech, but sometimes people should think twice before speaking once.  That freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution, but there is no protection from the consequences of exercising that right.  Such a message isn’t shocking at all coming from a Southern State, but this is 2013 and not 1913.

Then again, I guess this whole shutdown agenda IS about the PPACA.  I refuse to call it “Obamacare” as that term was originated as a pejorative to cast the PPACA in a negative light.  Until I hear the same people calling Medicare Part D “Bushcare”, I will not use the “O” term.

There’s likely the usual conservative combat army that’s saying this whole thing is because of Obama, the Democrats, or Liberals in general.  Yet, I bet that nobody, other than the owner who put the sign up, was involved in the whole ordeal.  He knows it was a mistake because the message didn’t last an hour before he took it down.  If you’re going to speak, then at least have the testicular fortitude to stand behind your words.  Also, it may pay to actually think things over once or twice before speaking.  You can head off embarrassment more times than not by doing so.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid

    • To get to the actual point of your post, however–the PPACA is succeeding, and so any low-bore slipup or glitch has to be magnified by the right and duly reported by the so-called liberal media in order for there to be “balance.” Because we’re Americans, and we can’t have nice things, unless John Boehner can get all of his Republican representatives to agree that it is a nice thing.


  1. Brosephus, it’s good to see you blogging; while I appreciate Jay Bookman’s blog for what it is, at times the signal-to-noise ratio becomes intolerable in there.

    Now, with that said, I want to echo the sentiment that the PPACA is *working.* My employer’s been a little draggy in getting details of our 2014 health insurance plans to us, and last weekend I said ‘well, why the hell not’ and decided to give the GA health care exchange a try. Just 45 minutes later (including a bathroom break and a pause to take out the trash while my data was being validated), I was looking at insurance plans and hard numbers. There was plenty of data there (and contact numbers for the insurers provided in case you’ve got questions), so I was easily able to narrow things down to three likely candidates (out of 31 plans I was offered) if I don’t like what my employer offers for 2014. So next Monday, when my employer rolls out the details and commences open enrollment, I’ll already be ahead of the game.
    Chances are, I’ll wind up taking one of my employer’s plans simply because a big chunk of the premiums are employer-paid, but I liked being able to compare premiums, deductibles and coverages so readily. IMO, those who moan about how ‘crappy’ the exchanges are simply haven’t been out there to give ’em a test drive.

    Conservatives, this is what you said you wanted — market competition. I was able to compare an assortment of plans from Blue Cross, Kaiser, United and Humana and to choose what was important to me and my family. Y’all should be overjoyed that people can do this now, so WTF? I mean, WT Fing F?


    • Glad to hear from you bro. You’re missed over at Jay’s place, and I agree with you on the signal-to-noise ratio. I stopped posting and reading for most of the summer, and I tend to back away when it gets noisy now.

      That’s cool to hear your story on the insurance and such. I don’t think that the TPers realize that destroying the PPACA would also destroy our current medical system. The only other option I see would be to go to a single payer system.

      Don’t be a stranger. I don’t post everyday as this is more of a venting place as opposed to an employment thing, but I try to hit things that don’t get the corporate media treatment when I can. Somebody has to speak up and out for the everyday people.


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